Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 5 Simpsons characters that benifit most from the Bush tax cuts....

Today's Top 5 Friday is a mixture of comedy and truth. Top 5 Simpsons characters will knock your socks off, or make you laugh, possibly make you cry, or you'll roll your eyes and think,"God that Virgil guy sure is a Dumb ass!" Regardless, here it is, today's top 5 Friday list! GO!

5-Krusty the Clown.    
    I know the American public as a whole has a love affair with celebrities! Personally I think it is ridiculous! I mean, these are millionaire primadonnas that have no clue the struggles of day to day average people! They don't know or care how tough it is for most of us to simply buy groceries, or fill up the car with gas, or buy one of their overpriced movies! 

"But Virgil, they set up all kinds of Charity's and organizations that do so much good for the poor and impoverished! So shut up you cynical jerk!" I get that, I respect that, it does do a lot of good! That's not my point, my point is, do they really need a tax break?

Lets see what Krusty has to say about that.......

Kent Brockman(Pompous news reporter who thinks the general public are a bunch of idiots that will listen to anything he tells them)
4-Kent Brockman.
   I'm gonna be blunt. I HATE REPORTERS! All of them, even when I agree with what they are saying or doing a story on. I can't stand these smug, self important, manipulative, pompous windbags! Especially here in Utah, my god our reporters here are so obnoxious, so holier than thou, so blatantly biased to the Mormon church and the Republican party it's a joke!

I'm not kidding the message we all get from KSMELL every fucking morning, noon, and night is as follows:
  • Obama=Bad!
  • Corporate propaganda=Awesome!
  • Obama=Evil
  • LDS Church=Orgasmic!
  • Obama=Anti-Christ!
  • Amanda Huff n puff=smart
  • Obama=Anti-American
  • Doug's Wrong=knows all and is never to be questioned!
This is local media and don't get me started on the national media hacks! I laugh uncontrollably at the suggestion by tea baggers that the media is liberally biased! They're not! They are media biased! The media cares about one thing, the media. And they have all benefited  from the Bush tax cuts. They report to all of us how bad the economy has been and then go home to there mansions and think about how special they are!

They dumb us all down and unfortunately we believe them.....

Fat Tony(mob boss who is allowed to work the system pretty easy due to de-regulation and zero local enforcement or oversight)

3-Fat Tony
    There are so many Fat Tony's in society. They don't necessarily have to be mob bosses, generally I think of Wall Street! Wall street has been a bigger threat to America's peace, prosperity, and progress more than Osama Bin Laden could have ever dreamed! Case in point, the great recession of 2009! We're still recovering! Millions of jobs lost, people homeless, people not getting proper care when sick due to lack of income, America losing faith in itself, poor job morale for those who still work, think of all the poverty and suffering as a result of Wall Streets reckless behavior in the years leading up to the recession. A time when the Bush tax cuts were in there prime..........

Mayor Quimby(Corrupt politician who only wants money and power and will easily deceive the public to achieve those two goals.)
2-Major Quimby
     Ah yes! The corrupt politician! We love 'em, we hate 'em, we really do love to hate 'em! Think of all the idiot politicians you don't like! Here I'll give you a second.......................................................Okay, now realize this simple fact. They give themselves annual raises every year, they're bought and payed for buy powerful corporations, they enjoy government run health care!(SOCIALISM???) and they listen to the rich, the powerful, and the corrupt! Shocking I know! Oh, and they really need a tax break BTW!.....



Mr. Burns(Multi-billionaire who hates his workers, hates the general public, and thinks of himself as a god among peasants)
1-Mr. Burns!
  The quintessential multi-billionaire. Whenever any republican talks about
  • Taxes
  • policy
  • social programs
  • foreign policy
  • debt and deficit
Think of Mr. Burns saying"excellent" Because he is who they are thinking about at all times!
This next clip is important and it has a cast of charactors:
  • The crowd represents the majority of the American people
  • Mr. Burns is the top 5 percent of the wealthiest Americans
  • Smithers is the republican party
  • And the old guy at the end is the tea party! Enjoy..........

                     p.s. Today is my birthday! Woohooo ;)


  1. You outdid yourself on this one. Very, Very good.

    Oh, and what is that? It's your birthday? How come no one told me........errrrr.........

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks Dazee.:) I'm trying, we just need to get some darn followers....

  3. Very well said, and also enjoyable entertaining. Thank you Virgil!!

  4. You outdid yourself on this one. Very, Very good.

    Oh, and what is that? It's your birthday? How come no one told me........errrrr.........

    Happy Birthday!


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