Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Problems Of Blind Faith

Well the 'Rapture' is over.
Oops, wrong Rapture.
There we go. As we all knew it would be, it was a non-event. Camping has predicted the rapture 2 other times before this, and neither came true. We all have a had a good, well deserved laugh at all of this, but there is an issue I want to bring up. For many of the believers of this, their lives have been ruined.

Here is one believer's attempt to murder her 2 daughters to spare them the pain of the world ending. (Follow the link if the video won't play). Or this story of a family torn apart by the fanatical parents. How about this man's suicide? This is the price people pay for blind faith in religious leaders. It does real world harm, it's not just the joke we all think it is.

Blind faith in anything will always bring tragedies like this. It will always do harm. It will always set us, as a species, back. We need to teach our children to think critically, we need to think critically. Question everything. Don't fall for these kinds of things.

My heart goes out to all the victims of Harold Campings lies. These people are not stupid, they just did one stupid thing. Like American Atheists said in their post on it,
You believed without thinking.
But that doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Smart people sometimes do stupid things. A truly stupid person would NOT learn from this mistake. 
 What I am hoping is that we all learn from this mistake. We may not have made the same mistake, but there is a lesson we all can take from this. Don't just accept what another tells you, especially if they are asking for money. Do some research, think critically. We won't always succeed, we are all human, but we can do a hell of a lot better than we have been. And don't fall for this kind of thing again.


  1. This was a very good post. I agree with it all. I do feel sorry for people that need something so bad in their lives that they follow blindly those that they perceive are being truthful and kind.

  2. Oh that mom just used the rapture excuse to kill her kids. I am sure they have been on her last nerve for a while now.

  3. Even if it was just an excuse to kill them, it still sickens me. She will actually end up with a lesser sentence because she did it for 'god'.

  4. I really hope that the bleeding hearts don't give her a break. It sickens me that they would play the God card.

  5. They always do, and juries eat it up. Same thing with saying you did it for patriotic reasons. It's the same smoke-screen I talked about in my last post. Disgusting, really.

  6. @ Reverend

    I was joking. Being a smartass really. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

  7. No, no, no Mrs. Pickle! We love your comments! Please keep commenting, Reverend is on Vacation right now, I'll tell him to lighten the fuck up when he gets back! We love you!!!!!!!:)

  8. @Virgil and Mrs. Pickle

    Consider myself lightened the fuck up, hahaha!



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