Monday, May 9, 2011

Orrin Hatch Hates You

Unless you're rich. That's right. Orrin doesn't want to put an end to the Bush era tax breaks for the top 2% of Americans because 51% of us aren't paying income taxes. And the thing is, he is right, we aren't.

The reason 51% of Americans aren't paying income tax is we don't make enough money to qualify for the lowest tax brackets! We do, however, pay taxes on our wages, gas, sales tax, liquor, etc. We aren't skipping out on our taxes, we just don't make enough to be taxed further. Almost 7% of my income last year went to taxes from my wages. I never saw that money, it went straight to the government.

He says it will affect 800,000 small businesses and negatively impact the job market. But he neglects to tell you of the 34 Million+ businesses it won't affect. It's only going to tax those who are most able to afford it.

Those who don't pay taxes are those who are unemployed, students, or the elderly. Even then your unemployment benefits are now taxed as income, so that's out the window. And if any students have jobs, they are being taxed on that. So it's just the elderly collecting Social Service checks. Are we gonna take that away from them? Why should we? Those people paid into those programs their entire working lives, and they deserve to collect from it now. Those services were set up as a contract between the government and the working class. The government can't cancel that contract now that it is inconvenient for them.

Orrin wants to keep his rich friends rich, and himself rich. Of course he doesn't want to tax himself and those who keep him in office. He is completely willing to cut out the legs from under the middle class to keep him and his GOP buddies rolling in the dough. He has cowed the working class into believing his line of bullshit. He has these people convinced if we tax the middle class more, and the rich less, it will fix things. It won't.

The GOP loves to say we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. If we tax the rich we will only stall the economic progress. We do have a spending problem (bloated defense budget, anyone?), but we also have a revenue problem. The rich aren't pulling their own weight as far as taxes go. 400 Americans have half of our countries wealth, yet they get tax breaks out the ass. Corporations have a high tax rate in the U.S.A., but after you add in all their tax breaks they pay very little, if any, taxes. Why can't they pay the same rate I do?

Orrin Hatch and congressman like him hate you. You aren't the ones who can add to their campaign fund. You can't lobby them for change. You are a resource for them to squeeze until they get all the blood from you. They will tax you into oblivion because you won't fight back. You won't get off your ass and vote them out of office. Hell, if you're Utahn I bet you vote (R) just because that's what 'good' Utahns do. Or you have that party loyalty.

Vote these ass-hats out of office. Let the government know we will not be ground down. We are willing to remove self-serving congressman from office. Make everyone pay their fair share. Don't buy into their plans to tax the middle class away, to remove collective bargaining, to remove our ability to receive health care. We need to stand up and yell as a united movement and say,

"Fuck you Orrin Hatch, and all those like you!"


  1. Thank you, sir! I heard about this on the radio on Friday and it was just burning in my skull, so I wrote about it.

  2. They will bend over backwards trying to justify the tax breaks for the super-rich, stretching arguments to the point of the ridiculous. They know that the rich will buy plenty of advertising, designed to sway the middle class idiots into voting against their own economic interest.

  3. Exactly. They play on that party loyalty to get the middle class to vote against its best interest.


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