Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mitt Romney 2012????

Hi! My name is MITT! Aren't I just a good, good boy!
 Oh yes......oh yess......uh huhh......oh god........oh god........yes....yes....yes........ROMNEY!!!!          ( Ejaculates the state of Utah!) All you have to say in Utah is the word "Romney" and people have to go change their underpants! Or even if you just say "Rom",or "Mi" and people almost climax before hurrying up and controlling themselves! Mitt Romney is the good ol Mormon boy who want's to be the president of the United States when he grows up because he's just so, so, so, so, so, so good!

Even his fucking campaign logo shows off just how darned GOOD  he is..............................................

Mitt Romney for those of you who don't know was Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007! He also was in charge of the Olympics in SLC for the 2002 winter games. To be fair let me say I liked him alot when he was here and I liked Governor Romney. In fact the Republican party of today would consider Governor Romney from 2003 a more socialist, communist, uber liberal than Barack Obama of today!

Romney has flip flopped on soooo many issues now he might as well change his name. This is just a snap shot of his flip flop collection.....

This tells me one of two things, either Romney didn't really believe in these things back when he was governor and just told Liberal Massachusetts what it wanted to hear so he could be governor. Or, he still believes in these things but is selling out his conscience to appease the teatards!  Either way, it shows that he only believes in what is currently popular. Do we really want a president that only wants to be popular and not take tough hard stands???

Now picture that Joker says,"I believe in"........then he takes off his mask and says,"whatever you think I should believe in." Would anyone take him seriously after that?

Supporters of Romney would tell me that Romney is really good with economics and spending. I'd say okay, lets look at his record, when you do and compare it to Obama's they are almost identical. The only difference between the two is Obama has made it clear to friend and foe what he stands for, and then does the best he can to accomplish what he stands for. Romney on the other hand, stands for something one day and then changes his mind a few months later. Will Romney win the GOP nomination?? It's hard to tell, but if he does it will be fun to see how he compares to his previous GOP nominees!

Monday, May 30, 2011



Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis, "of freedom")[1] is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights.[2] Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but most liberals support such fundamental ideas as constitutions, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, capitalism, free trade, and the freedom of religion.[3][4][5][6][7] These ideas are widely accepted, even by political groups that do not openly profess a liberal ideological orientation. Liberalism encompasses several intellectual trends and traditions, but the dominant variants are classical liberalism, which became popular in the eighteenth century, and social liberalism, which became popular in the twentieth century.


Libralizm: those who dont beleive in the constitution, those who are socialsts and communism! They take away our freedums every day and more! People who belive in fake global warming and fake health care. They dont believe in merica and hate liberty.


The Democratic Party is one of two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Republican Party. The party's social liberal and progressive platform is largely considered center-left in the U.S. political spectrum.[1][2][3] The party has the lengthiest record of continuous operation in the United States, and is one of the oldest political parties in the world.[4] The party had 72 million registered voters in 2004.[5] Barack Obama is the 15th Democrat to hold the office of President of the United States.


The democrap party is the worst party to ever live! they go around the world apologizing for mericas greatness! They force the guverment to take controll of our lives! They are baby killers! They gave nig black people and mess hispanics the right to vote!


Barack Hussein Obama II (Listeni /bəˈrɑːk hˈsn ˈbɑːmə/; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama previously served as a United States senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned following his victory in the 2008 presidential election.
A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.


Obozo is the worst president sence Jimmy Carter! He wasnt born in merica and wants to turn it into communist Russia! He'll take away our guns if were not careful! He wants muslims to rule because he secretly is one!


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1][2] is a federal statute that was signed into United States law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. This act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (signed into law on March 30, 2010) made up the health care reform of 2010. The laws focus on reform of the private health insurance market, provide better coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, improve prescription drug coverage in Medicare and extend the life of the Medicare Trust fund by at least 12 years.[3

  • Guaranteed issue and community rating will be implemented nationally so that insurers must offer the same premium to all applicants of the same age, sex, and geographical location regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  • Medicaid eligibility is expanded to include all individuals and families with incomes up to 133% of the poverty level.
  • Health insurance exchanges will commence operation in each state, offering a marketplace where individuals and small businesses can compare policies and premiums, and buy insurance (with a government subsidy if eligible).
  • Firms employing 50 or more people but not offering health insurance will pay a "shared responsibility payment" if the government has had to subsidize an employee's health care
  • Non exempt persons not securing minimum essential health insurance coverage are also fined under the shared responsibility rules. This requirement to maintain insurance or pay a fine is often referred to as the individual mandate, though being insured is not actually mandated by law. Not being insured will not be a crime and no criminal penalty can attach to non payment of the fine. The fine serves to encourage most people into an insurance pool and to deter healthy individuals from buying insurance only when they become ill.
  • Improved benefits for Medicare prescription drug coverage are to be implemented.
  • Changes are enacted which allow a restructuring of Medicare reimbursement from "fee-for-service" to "bundled payments".
  • Establishment of a national voluntary insurance program for purchasing community living assistance services and support.
  • Low income persons and families above the Medicaid level and up to 400% of the poverty level will receive subsidies on a sliding scale if they choose to purchase insurance via an exchange (persons at 150% of the poverty level would be subsidized such that their premium cost would be of 2% of income or $50 a month for a family of 4).
  • Very small businesses will be able to get subsidies if they purchase insurance through an exchange.
  • Additional support is provided for medical research and the National Institutes of Health.
  • Enrollment into CHIP and Medicaid is simplified with improvements to both programs.
  • The law will introduce minimum standards for health insurance policies and remove all annual and lifetime coverage caps.
  • The law mandates that some health care insurance benefits will be "essential" coverage for which there will be no co-pays.
  • Policies issued before the law came into effect are "grandfathered" and are mostly not affected by the new rules.

Obamacare! The most evil, vile, un'merican lejislation ever!
  • death panels!
  • Government run health care!
  • baby killer!
  • socialized medicin!
  • kills grandma!
  • un-constitutional!
  • takes power away from the people!
  • dont tread on me!
  • keep yur guverment hands off my medicare!
  • gives health cars to illegal aliens! just like American idol the other night with Jennifer Lopez! With her long, sweet hair, tight firm ass, really, perdy, perdy smile.....you know how she smiles some times and it just makes ya feel all........all warm in yur heart?..............oh Jlo, when will you realize yur my soul mate?
  • .......aaahhhh..............................oh, what was I talking about? Oh ya....
NOTE:All Virgil comments are brought to you via wikipedia. All Teanek comments are brought to you by assholes I know and work with here in Utah.

    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    Marriage Equality


    I recently read a slightly optimistic bit of news. In a quick summary it says;
    The firm hired to defend the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has dropped out due to the political backlash they have received from the gay community and its hetero supporters.
    Good. Unfortunately there is no shortage of law firms willing to defend that bit of legislation.

    I'm not really here to talk about  the news story, it was simply a catalyst, but to express my opinions on gay marriage, marriage in general, and equality.

    I have never heard a valid argument for the denial of marriage rights for homosexuals. Not once. Never. I hear religious arguments, but this isn't a theocracy. This is not a country where we look to an old bronze age text to make our laws. Well, it's not supposed to be. I have no patience for those arguments. Your deity is not special, your book is not magical, and no amount of faith should ever justify bigotry and oppression.

    Then there is the sanctity of marriage arguments. 'If we let the gays marry it will ruin the sanctity of the whole thing!" What? How? They can never seem to give a satisfying answer to how. Marriage has ruined its own sanctity. Here are the divorce rates from Wikipedia;
    More reliable statistics are available that measure the percentage of marriages that end in divorce within 10 years. One data set based on age of the bride indicates that the rate is 48% for people under 18, 40% for ages 18–19, 29% for 20-24, and 24% for 25 and older.
    Those are some pretty high rates, and here in Utah many brides are around the 18-20 age. But hey, it's a super sacred institution still, right? Well, no. If it was so sacred, it would never have changed.

    The last argument I usually hear is that marriage is defined as a man and a woman. Well definitions change, it's the beauty of language of changing times. Marriage has changed before. It will continue to change. If it remained in its 'perfect, sacred' definition, women would still be property, and divorce would be illegal. Only the craziest fundy wants that to be how the state regulates marriage. The arguments just don't add up and I think they really are just being half-hazardly thrown together to hide the simple fact. People who are against gay marriage are bigots. They won't admit it, but they are. They throw this smoke screen of faith, morality (like sexual orientation is a moral decision), and strict definitions to hide their bigotry, hate, and fear.

    In Utah we have a church that spent $22 million to deny the rights of gays in California. Money that could have been used for any number of good deeds was used to get legislation passed that actively stripped people of their rights. They allow homosexuals in the church, if they take what amounts to a vow of celibacy. They truly believe homosexuality can be 'cured' through counseling, like it is a psychological disease. That is crazy to me. I had someone tell me that and I asked him, "So, can I send you to counseling and make you want to suck my cock?" He was flabbergasted that I would even suggest that, but that is essentially what they are claiming. We can change how you feel sexually with therapy! What horse shit. They do all of these horrible things, then have the gall to say that they are a loving faith, an inclusive faith, and just the sweetest people you can hope to meet.

    Personally, I dislike all marriage. It seems antiquated, and I don't think it really is able to cater to all the different kind of relationships real people actually have. I am am advocate for love, whether that is expressed as a man and a woman, a gay couple, two men and a woman, etc. As long as all parties are consenting adults, and happy with the arrangement. If you want to get married, by all means go for it. If you want that as part of your loving relationship you should have every right to get it, but to deny that right to fellow citizens is appalling. I also believe the state needs to offer the same legal protection to all sorts of adult relationships. If 3 people want to be married to each other, let them. What does it hurt?

    I can already hear the arguments to my opinion, so let me be clear on one thing,

    Allowing this to happen does not endanger, cheapen, or lessen you marriage/relationship. If it does, then you were on shaky ground long before. No one is going to try to take your relationship away from you, or how special it makes you feel.

    Watching these bigots make their hate speech to fellow citizens sickens me. It makes a pit in my stomach. They are people too. The gay people I know are caring, compassionate, wonderful people. They aren't these immoral monsters people paint them to be. We are all human, we all deserve the same rights, and sexuality doesn't change that.

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    KSL Newsradio sucks!! (to put it nicely)

    It's the same thing everyday here in Utah. You get up, go pee, have a quick breakfast, get ready for work, hop in the car, turn on the radio, see how traffic and weather are doing these days, then get spoon fed right winged propaganda until you arrive at work. Ya, you could turn it to NPR but "Morning Edition" makes you more sleepy than you already are, you could turn it to "Radio From Hell" but they're only funny for so long, you could turn it to "Bob And Tom" but they're only funny if you're a red neck idiot. Or you could listen to any other dumb-ass Utah DJ but they only irritate the fuck out of you.

    So you have two choices in the end, listen to your own CD's, tapes, or I pods, or listen to Grant and Amanda Huff 'n Puff yuck it up on your annoying drive to work! Their traffic and weather updates (every ten minutes on the nine's!) as they like to put it, are really good. But everything else about them sucks! Ya they report the news, but it is soooooo biased towards...
    It's a joke!

    • From 6-9 it's Grant Nelson and Amanda Dixon, Grant hates books and Amanda hates reality.
    • Kris Redgrave does a "Speaking on Business" report, which tells us how wonderful corporations and the private sector are.
    • Then it's time for Doug Wright! From 9-12 we listen to the show "where Utah comes to talk!" To be honest I'd like to criticize his show but I simply have too much respect for him. He is definitely a right winged LDS talking piece but he is also a reasonable guy and a good man. I listened to him choke up on air the other day about his son who he recently lost in a horrible accident, and I gotta tell ya, I got choked up just listening to him. Doug Wright makes KSmell a lot less smelly and if it weren't for him, all would be lost for this station. 
    • Then it's time for "The Browser" from 1-3, it replaced the Sean Hannity show so I guess it could be worse nuff said!
    • From 3-6 it's the afternoon news with Scotty and the nice one. Scotty can't seem to spit out anything comprehensible and Maria seems nice and I don't have a problem with her.
    • From 7-10 it's "Nightside Project" it sucks!
    What bothers me the most with KSmell is they are blatantly biased toward pro right wing, pro Mormon propaganda. I understand that they can do whatever they want but I wish the Utah media had more alternative outlets. In Utah we have two political classes
    1. Ultra conservative republicans
    2. Moderate republicans
    And it shows in our media. I wish we could have a liberal point of view media outlet in this state. And don't give me the typical "Well, the national media is liberally biased Virgil!" No, they're not! The national media is biased towards themselves! They play both sides and get what they want from them so they can get ratings! That argument is old and outdated!

    Oh, and they're so pro BYU Cougars too! You would never know that we have the Utes in this state that is a Pac 12 team and is one of the better college football teams in the country! Would KSmell ever tell us that? No! It would upset the Quorum of the 12 so they can't say it!

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    The Reverend Is Leaving...

    ...but just for a week. I'm going on vacation. I'll have a brand new post when I get back, promise. Have a good week everyone!

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    The bright and dark side of religion

    This is me at age 3
    This is me when I was three. Young, innocent, tender, trusting, kind hearted, and loving. Much like my own daughter is now. It was soon after this picture was taken that the LDS indoctrination began. I was strangely fortunate enough to be raised in a household with a LDS mother and non-religious father. So at a very young age I was able to decipher both worlds and decide for myself what I felt good about.

    However, I was very much a Mormon in my younger days. And the pressure of making sure I prepared for the day that I would one day serve a mission was pretty intense and unbearable. And by the age of seven the stresses of being a Mormon kid showed...

    This is me at age 7
     I remember my grandpa patting me on the head at this age and with a twinkle in his eye, and a big smile on his face, lovingly telling me,"I love you so much".."Your my flesh and blood and I'm so proud of you".."You are special and I'll always love you".."SOMEDAY YOU'RE GONNA GO ON A MISSION." I clearly remember even at that young age thinking"what does that even mean?" 

    Now for the non-Mormon readers an LDS mission is when you're 19 years old you go off for two years to force, manipulate, seduce, bribe, and trick other people to join the church. In Utah this is pretty much what you were put on this earth to do, that, and come home and marry a young teenage girl and have seven or eight kids together and live happily miserably after, the end!

    I remember wishing and praying to "heavenly father and Jesus" that someday Dad will join the church. I always felt pressured from my peers, teachers, and extended family to get him to join. That somehow it was up to me. Years went by and I started to become aware of what was really going on. It evolved into," Why is my Mom making me go to this church that makes me so miserable and unhappy? No wonder Dad doesn't go!" To be fair to my Mom she only wanted what was best for me and my siblings and has sense left the LDS church behind. 

    I left the church at seventeen and I'm pleased to say it's been 10 years since I've considered myself LDS. From seventeen to before my daughter was born I was very much an Atheist and damn proud of it! I hated all religion especially anything Mormon! It all changed the day I saw the ultrasound of my daughter. Something happened to me that day that I'll never forget. And then after she was born I remember she was a few days old. Me and my wife were watching her sleep when suddenly she started making a giggling noise in her sleep. That's the definitive moment that I knew in my heart that indeed there is something more out their! How could this few day old baby who's only memories are that of being in her Mom's womb make her giggle. She couldn't even giggle yet when she was awake but there she was, giggling in her sleep.

    From that day to now my belief in god, or an entity, or higher power is strong, I just refuse, will not, can not, never will believe in any religion this world has to offer! I've always said jokingly to friends that the only religion I'd ever consider joining would be the Jedi from Star Wars.  That is my heart felt belief and nobody will ever sway me otherwise. Atheists would consider me wishy washy and religious folk would consider me a heathen. But that is my belief.  
    • religion divides more than unites
    • brings hate and intolerance
    • pins us all up against one another
    • is the greatest cause of war and famine
    • brings more death than life
    This is the bright side of all religion..

    This is the dark side of all religion...

    My final thoughts on this is I'm not an anti-religion guy. I think we all have our own path to walk and it's nobodies business to tell us other wise. I only take issue with religious people who expect everyone else to be like they are and hate them if they're not. Obviously I've been raised and brought up in Mormon Utah so I'm biased toward that particular religion in my disdain because I know it very well. But I'm quite sure that if I was born anywhere else I would be the same way to whatever the predominate religion was around me..

    I'm not the type that says,"Everybody is instinctively good." I actually think opposite, people are instinctively shitty, some just try harder than others not to be.

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    A warning and a promise!

    I have a confession to make! My three favorite words in the English dictionary are LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE, AND FUCK! Now the first two are very similar while the last one is just the greatest word ever invented in my opinion! 
    In MY opinion that was! Which is the point of this post!


    Allow me to reiterate this, THIS IS A BLOG OF OPINIONS! Every now and then me or the Reverend, the two who usually post, are going to have a post that you might view as offensive! We are a very hard core liberal blog that stirs the pot from time to time.

    I am keenly aware that my opinions are not always viewed in a positive light! I'm a non-Mormon, anti-gun, Obama supporter living in Utah need I say more!?! I pretty much go through day to day carefully parsing words and being politically correct so I don't offend anyone!

    The whole point to starting this blog with Reverend was for us to have an outlet! If we ever do a post that offends you just know that we never intend on personally upsetting you! We firmly believe in holding true to your own opinions and if you disagree with ours then that's great!

    But please, if you disagree with a post don't stand up on a high tower waving your finger at us proclaiming how dumb, ill-informed, stupid, or whatever you think we are! 

    I speak for myself when I say I am just an average guy with an opinion! I work two jobs to support my family and only want to live a good life! I do the best I can with what I've got! If my opinion offends you then I'm sorry, this blog is not for you. I didn't start this blog only to be bullied in to shutting the fuck up and appease ignorant assholes who don't even know me! 

    With that said, now my promise....

    If I've followed YOUR blog I promise I will never shout at you to change your post's if they offend me! I will simply accept the fact that you are an individual with an opinion and that I can't change you! 

    We all have our different stories, backgrounds, heartbreaks, and triumphs! Nobody (myself included) is right about everything! But we all have a right to our opinions! Even when we disagree with one another. To me looking down on someone or thinking less of them for having an opinion you don't like ought to be a federal offense, but hey, that's just......what was it???????? Ah yes.........
    MY OPINION!!!!

    The Problems Of Blind Faith

    Well the 'Rapture' is over.
    Oops, wrong Rapture.
    There we go. As we all knew it would be, it was a non-event. Camping has predicted the rapture 2 other times before this, and neither came true. We all have a had a good, well deserved laugh at all of this, but there is an issue I want to bring up. For many of the believers of this, their lives have been ruined.

    Here is one believer's attempt to murder her 2 daughters to spare them the pain of the world ending. (Follow the link if the video won't play). Or this story of a family torn apart by the fanatical parents. How about this man's suicide? This is the price people pay for blind faith in religious leaders. It does real world harm, it's not just the joke we all think it is.

    Blind faith in anything will always bring tragedies like this. It will always do harm. It will always set us, as a species, back. We need to teach our children to think critically, we need to think critically. Question everything. Don't fall for these kinds of things.

    My heart goes out to all the victims of Harold Campings lies. These people are not stupid, they just did one stupid thing. Like American Atheists said in their post on it,
    You believed without thinking.
    But that doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Smart people sometimes do stupid things. A truly stupid person would NOT learn from this mistake. 
     What I am hoping is that we all learn from this mistake. We may not have made the same mistake, but there is a lesson we all can take from this. Don't just accept what another tells you, especially if they are asking for money. Do some research, think critically. We won't always succeed, we are all human, but we can do a hell of a lot better than we have been. And don't fall for this kind of thing again.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Racing with a go-cart

    This is the democratic parties argument during elections. It's modern, slick, quick, and in your face awesome! When we show up to presidential races we are ready and in the need for speed! We believe in....
    • A fair and just government of, for, and by the people! Even the little guy, even the minority, even those who have no wealth, or power, or political clout.
    • A country that doesn't police other countries. War is old and outdated and creates more problems than it solves.
    • Equal rights for all! Not just the old, the white, and the religious.
    •  fair and balanced rules to the road. Corporate interests should have zero influence in Washington!
    • Health care is a basic fucking human right!!! Not a privilege that only the wealthy may enjoy!!
    • protect our environment! we only have one world, lets care for her!
    • a robust middle class! 
    • protect our most vulnerable citizens!
    • education for all! this too is a basic human right
    • separation of church and state! No one religion shall ever have any say in our social discussions!
    • freedom of speech! even when we disagree, it's all of our rights to say, express, and present ourselves the way we each individually see fit!
    • capitalism is good as long as it's controlled by rules and restrictions. Too much capitalism exposes the American people to the whims of greedy corporations.
    • rule of law, habeas corpus!
    • human rights! no race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or any other background of individuals is deemed superior to any other!
    • the list goes on and on, this is just the tip of the liberal iceberg!

    This is the republican parties argument during elections. It's old fashioned, rustic, loud, fast, aggressive, angry, and very dangerous if the driver of the democratic parties car is not quick, alert,responsive and equally aggressive. Republicans believe in....
    • small government, less taxes
    • guns
    • small government, less taxes
    • war!
    • small government, less taxes
    • talk radio
    • blah blah blah, yady yady yada
    • fox news
    • bley blah blow, yakedy shmakedy
    • rich people
    • blah blah freakin blah!
    • racists
    • ho humm hee and a bottle of rum
    • un-educated kids
    The republican party is relentless and will take whatever road it needs to travel in order to win elections! They are the creators of the low road in political discussion! Just look at the Tea Party folk.....

    These people have no shame, no remorse, no humility, no compassion, no fear, no care in the world about the kind of tactics they pull to sway the public to their side. And when in the hell will us liberals learn that the general public buys it! Look at the last election in 2010, we got clobbered! Why? Because we listened to the ass heads who screamed at us ... "Take the high road", "Stop being so partisan", "I'm tired of both parties"! Blah, Blah, Blah!

    The conservative agenda:
    • The rich must get richer and the poor must remain poor. The middle class must disappear and the rich and powerful must have all the say. War is always the answer to countries who disagrees with 'merica! The constitution was founded by a bunch of neo-con red necks and we must oblige their wishes! Corporations and Christianity are the kings of the country and the working class and minorities are the enemy. We will fool the general public that government is evil and that low taxes are a good thing. That way when the debt and deficit are out of control from a lack of federal income, we'll cut all public spending and the rich and powerful will truly have all the power once and for all! Bwahahahahaaaaa!
    • ps, close the god damn border!!!!

      GO-CART (Stop being a liberal or conservative, instead, appease me!)

      I read this on facebook the other day as a response to my post on Jon Huntsman. The guy who we'll call "Go-carter guy" obviously missed the point of my entry........

      Facebooker,"that article bothered me greatly. I do not know much about Huntsman. The author suggested that Huntsman would be a good candidate to run. Why would he then hope that Huntsman doesn't run/doesn't win in the primaries? As long as people like the author of this continue to look at things solely as Republican and Democrat and not look at each candidate's stand on the important issues, then this country will never get better. And BTW, I will now spend some time checking out Huntsman and see what he has done/can still do. If you voted for him then he must have something to offer!" My response to him is I don't want it to be Huntsman because I want Obama to be re-elected! I want it to be an easy win, and a guy like Huntsman would pose a big threat to his re-election! Now I understand that a lot of my fellow liberals are luke warm to Obama right now but I'll do a post on that issue later.

      Go-carter guy from facebook

      And this, this is the argument of "vote for the best candidate, not Republican vs Democrat gosh darn it!" It's an old wooden go-cart that is really fun to have around as a novelty but when it comes to winning races that involve a clash of super quick race cars it's pointless to even show up.They believe in...
      • Self righteousness
      • Not really paying attention to the world
      • looking down on people with opinions
      • Not getting the big picture
      • wondering why we all just can't seem to get along
      • wishing everyone were more like them
      • expecting the worlds problems to solve themselves without clashes of opinion
      • expecting both parties to play nice to appease them

      I mean, you could show up, get to the starting line, and watch the other two cars leave you behind in the dust. You could rolls your eyes at the other two cars and feel really special and noble that they aren't as wise, intelligent, and wonderful as you are but in the end you lose! Not only do you lose, you never even compete!
      Politics is a clash of ideas! That's how the founding fathers intended it to be!

      Go-carter guy: "Virgil, I'm deeply offended at your notion that it's either republican or democrat! It's because of awful awful people like you that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. Why can't you be more like me and less like you! I'm perfect, I study both candidates and listen to their sweet little sound bites and whoever gives me the warm and fuzzies the most gets my vote!"

      Me: "That sounds good, in a perfect world your argument makes total sense to me. Can't we all just get along etc! But this is a competition! This is an epic battle of ideas, ideals, and beliefs! This is not a tea party(no pun intended) this isn't a time for high horses, eye rolling,or self importance. When you watch a football or basketball game, or any other competition  do you ever see the fans of either team shouting at each other saying, 'Hey! everybody, be nice, who cares who wins, I just want the best team to win and that's it! So take your foamy hands, team t-shirts, and over sized goggles and get the fuck outta here! Only us perfect people may watch! Now where is my seeing glass?" Hell no! 

      Plus, us liberals have been guilty of listening to people like you for way too long now and it has always brought us failure! We ain't listening to you anymore! Go and start your own political party and vote for YOUR candidates and leave us the fffff....heckers alone! I even have a few names you could call your political party
      • the getalong dammit party
      • the highhorse party
      • the naive party
      • the 1990 democratic party
      • the we're much better than you party 
      • the I'm confused party
      • the go-cart party            -my personal favorite;)
      • the  hurray for us! party
      • the We hate both parties party
      • the may the best liar win! party
      • the I don't know what I want party
      • and finally...the no parties allowed party! 
      To finish allow me to piss off the fence sitters even more. For years now the democratic party has fallen in to the trap of trying to appease you people for far too long now. From the time of Jimmy Carter to the embarrassment  of John Kerry losing to silver spoons Bush we tried too hard to appease you types who wanted us to not be so darned mean! And during that time we usually got our collective asses kicked. Every now and then we'd win an election but usually it was the republicans who triumphed. 

      In 2006 we finally wised up and fought fire with fire and Obama continued suit in 2008. Then in 2010 we once again fell for your "take the high road" approach and once again...got clobbered. We're done with you! Fuck off! If you're a fence sitter and you're getting pissed of by this post then I will say THANK GOD! Go, join the ranks of the GOP! Fuck up their election chances for the next 30 years will ya!?! We have no desire to appease the do-gooders who don't seem to show up and vote for us anyways! 

      To liberals everywhere...pay no mind to those who demand you to be nice, stop the partisanship,  take the high road, and appease them. Be loud, be aggressive, be firm in what you believe and hold dear to your hearts! These people have utterly failed us and are un-reliable at best in showing up to the polls and voting for us! Encourage them to join the GOP, maybe the republicans will fall for it and we can reap the benefits for the next generation or two!

      Anybody who tells us to not be so darned partisan is one of three things...
      1. Naive
      2. Self righteous
      3. Closet conservative! 

        Tuesday, May 17, 2011

        Question The American Flag? How Dare You!

        I was on Facebook the other day and I noticed someone had linked this. It's a poll to ask you if the American flag should be banned-in America. I didn't answer it because it's an absurd question, and also because it was on Fox news. It seemed like a random question, and I was unable to find a link to another story to explain it. Long story short I was informed of it's relationship to this story. Well, of course, there is more to that story than kids being kicked out of school for wearing the American flag. They were kicked out for being racist pricks. I got into an argument with a commenter on that post, and of course, he was all about loving 'Merica and the flag. So I wanted to take a moment here and point some things out.

        All students there had been asked to not wear any flags at all (that means American, Mexican, Estonian, etc) on Cinco De Mayo because of all the tensions it caused the year before. These 5 decided they were going to break the rules and then hide behind their 'patriotism'. They were using the flag as a smoke screen to justify making other students feel inferior, unwanted, and unimportant.

        That is what upsets me the most about this story. We will totally allow racism if it's wrapped in an American flag. We won't look past the flag detail and see the rest of the story. "We love the flag! We are 'Mericans! Fuck other cultures! Fuck making public schools places where all the students feel safe! 'Merica!" It's sickening. These boys knew exactly what they were doing. They were going to defy the school's decision, let those damn Mexicans know who's in charge of this country, and openly display their hate and bigotry. Then they let the flag shield them from all the consequences.

        And it worked. The right wing saw them as heroes. They were touted as champions of the 1st amendment. What is wrong with people? These boys are bigots, and they were punished as they were told they would be. They were entirely in the wrong. 'Patriotism' should not be used as magic armor from criticism.

        Using your 'patriotism', or your faith for that matter, to hide your bigotry is always disgusting. It is a cowards move and it only fools those with the same diminished mental capacity as the person doing it. Wake up and look past your blinders of stars and stripes and see the actual injustice done. Not everyone waving the flag deserves respect. Not everyone with a cross is a good person.

        Saturday, May 14, 2011

        LIBERALS, Know your TRUE enemy!

        Liberals everywhere must be aware of one simple fact. Jon Huntsman is the only viable candidate for president that the republican party has. In my mind he is the only one who could take down Obama. Conservatives, allow me to let you in on a little secret.......LIBERALS FEAR JON HUNTSMAN! Why you ask? Because of his conservative values? Because of his experience of being a chief executive of a state? Because he's a real 'merican?.....NO! We fear him because we like him! And if we liberals like him that also means that independent voters will love him!

        This would be the reaction from liberals everywhere if we found out that Jon Huntsman won the republican nomination for president.......

        Jon Huntsman was the republican governor of Utah and I might add, extremely popular! The only ones I ever saw who were frustrated with him were the far right voters of his own party -aka- the tea baggers. He very much was a conservative republican but not a Rush Limbaugh republican, He was more of a Dwight Eisenhower republican.

        In the 2008 election I excitedly cast my vote for Barack Obama for president, Jim Matheson for representative, and Jon Huntsman for governor. I had many disagreements with Jon Huntsman's policies, but as a whole I knew in my gut that he truly tried to govern for ALL Utah citizen's not just the republican base that pretty much every other republican Governor, Senator, Legislator, etc. does!

        In 2009 President Obama chose him to be the ambassador to China and he selflessly accepted probably knowing full well that he was badly damaging his chances of winning the hearts of his parties base. He just barely got back and many believe he's setting up groundwork to run for president in 2012 against his former boss Obama.

        Unlike the rest of the flock in the republican field, Huntsman is a young, charismatic, non-tea party, likable, middle of the road republican that could easily win over the independent  vote in 2012 especially if unemployment is still high. Now don't get me wrong, I in no way shape or form am endorsing Huntsman over Obama, and I highly doubt the republican base has brains enough to realize the stallion they have in Huntsman! They seem more interested in clowns like Trump, Backmann, or Gingrich than an actual serious candidates.

        Obama will easily cost to victory in 2012 against any of these other jokers in the repub field. Huntsman would make 2012 a tough, tough battle for Obama and would have a serious chance of bringing him down. So fellow liberals, we must realize who our enemy is! Huntsman is Freddy Kruger, Huntsman is Jason Voorhees, Huntsman is Michael Meyers! The rest of the flock, we must do whatever WE can do to assure any one of them defeats Huntsman!

        Thank god for Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity on this one. They keep the republican base dumbed down. Hopefully it's enough to blind them from reality that Huntsman is their only chance to win the presidency in 2012!

        If you have a momentWATCH THIS SPEECH HE RECENTLY GAVE
        And notice he's called a rino wimp, the tea party hates him. That make him extremely dangerous! 

        Monday, May 9, 2011

        Orrin Hatch Hates You

        Unless you're rich. That's right. Orrin doesn't want to put an end to the Bush era tax breaks for the top 2% of Americans because 51% of us aren't paying income taxes. And the thing is, he is right, we aren't.

        The reason 51% of Americans aren't paying income tax is we don't make enough money to qualify for the lowest tax brackets! We do, however, pay taxes on our wages, gas, sales tax, liquor, etc. We aren't skipping out on our taxes, we just don't make enough to be taxed further. Almost 7% of my income last year went to taxes from my wages. I never saw that money, it went straight to the government.

        He says it will affect 800,000 small businesses and negatively impact the job market. But he neglects to tell you of the 34 Million+ businesses it won't affect. It's only going to tax those who are most able to afford it.

        Those who don't pay taxes are those who are unemployed, students, or the elderly. Even then your unemployment benefits are now taxed as income, so that's out the window. And if any students have jobs, they are being taxed on that. So it's just the elderly collecting Social Service checks. Are we gonna take that away from them? Why should we? Those people paid into those programs their entire working lives, and they deserve to collect from it now. Those services were set up as a contract between the government and the working class. The government can't cancel that contract now that it is inconvenient for them.

        Orrin wants to keep his rich friends rich, and himself rich. Of course he doesn't want to tax himself and those who keep him in office. He is completely willing to cut out the legs from under the middle class to keep him and his GOP buddies rolling in the dough. He has cowed the working class into believing his line of bullshit. He has these people convinced if we tax the middle class more, and the rich less, it will fix things. It won't.

        The GOP loves to say we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. If we tax the rich we will only stall the economic progress. We do have a spending problem (bloated defense budget, anyone?), but we also have a revenue problem. The rich aren't pulling their own weight as far as taxes go. 400 Americans have half of our countries wealth, yet they get tax breaks out the ass. Corporations have a high tax rate in the U.S.A., but after you add in all their tax breaks they pay very little, if any, taxes. Why can't they pay the same rate I do?

        Orrin Hatch and congressman like him hate you. You aren't the ones who can add to their campaign fund. You can't lobby them for change. You are a resource for them to squeeze until they get all the blood from you. They will tax you into oblivion because you won't fight back. You won't get off your ass and vote them out of office. Hell, if you're Utahn I bet you vote (R) just because that's what 'good' Utahns do. Or you have that party loyalty.

        Vote these ass-hats out of office. Let the government know we will not be ground down. We are willing to remove self-serving congressman from office. Make everyone pay their fair share. Don't buy into their plans to tax the middle class away, to remove collective bargaining, to remove our ability to receive health care. We need to stand up and yell as a united movement and say,

        "Fuck you Orrin Hatch, and all those like you!"

        Friday, May 6, 2011

        Top 5 Simpsons characters that benifit most from the Bush tax cuts....

        Today's Top 5 Friday is a mixture of comedy and truth. Top 5 Simpsons characters will knock your socks off, or make you laugh, possibly make you cry, or you'll roll your eyes and think,"God that Virgil guy sure is a Dumb ass!" Regardless, here it is, today's top 5 Friday list! GO!

        5-Krusty the Clown.    
            I know the American public as a whole has a love affair with celebrities! Personally I think it is ridiculous! I mean, these are millionaire primadonnas that have no clue the struggles of day to day average people! They don't know or care how tough it is for most of us to simply buy groceries, or fill up the car with gas, or buy one of their overpriced movies! 

        "But Virgil, they set up all kinds of Charity's and organizations that do so much good for the poor and impoverished! So shut up you cynical jerk!" I get that, I respect that, it does do a lot of good! That's not my point, my point is, do they really need a tax break?

        Lets see what Krusty has to say about that.......

        Kent Brockman(Pompous news reporter who thinks the general public are a bunch of idiots that will listen to anything he tells them)
        4-Kent Brockman.
           I'm gonna be blunt. I HATE REPORTERS! All of them, even when I agree with what they are saying or doing a story on. I can't stand these smug, self important, manipulative, pompous windbags! Especially here in Utah, my god our reporters here are so obnoxious, so holier than thou, so blatantly biased to the Mormon church and the Republican party it's a joke!

        I'm not kidding the message we all get from KSMELL every fucking morning, noon, and night is as follows:
        • Obama=Bad!
        • Corporate propaganda=Awesome!
        • Obama=Evil
        • LDS Church=Orgasmic!
        • Obama=Anti-Christ!
        • Amanda Huff n puff=smart
        • Obama=Anti-American
        • Doug's Wrong=knows all and is never to be questioned!
        This is local media and don't get me started on the national media hacks! I laugh uncontrollably at the suggestion by tea baggers that the media is liberally biased! They're not! They are media biased! The media cares about one thing, the media. And they have all benefited  from the Bush tax cuts. They report to all of us how bad the economy has been and then go home to there mansions and think about how special they are!

        They dumb us all down and unfortunately we believe them.....

        Fat Tony(mob boss who is allowed to work the system pretty easy due to de-regulation and zero local enforcement or oversight)

        3-Fat Tony
            There are so many Fat Tony's in society. They don't necessarily have to be mob bosses, generally I think of Wall Street! Wall street has been a bigger threat to America's peace, prosperity, and progress more than Osama Bin Laden could have ever dreamed! Case in point, the great recession of 2009! We're still recovering! Millions of jobs lost, people homeless, people not getting proper care when sick due to lack of income, America losing faith in itself, poor job morale for those who still work, think of all the poverty and suffering as a result of Wall Streets reckless behavior in the years leading up to the recession. A time when the Bush tax cuts were in there prime..........

        Mayor Quimby(Corrupt politician who only wants money and power and will easily deceive the public to achieve those two goals.)
        2-Major Quimby
             Ah yes! The corrupt politician! We love 'em, we hate 'em, we really do love to hate 'em! Think of all the idiot politicians you don't like! Here I'll give you a second.......................................................Okay, now realize this simple fact. They give themselves annual raises every year, they're bought and payed for buy powerful corporations, they enjoy government run health care!(SOCIALISM???) and they listen to the rich, the powerful, and the corrupt! Shocking I know! Oh, and they really need a tax break BTW!.....



        Mr. Burns(Multi-billionaire who hates his workers, hates the general public, and thinks of himself as a god among peasants)
        1-Mr. Burns!
          The quintessential multi-billionaire. Whenever any republican talks about
        • Taxes
        • policy
        • social programs
        • foreign policy
        • debt and deficit
        Think of Mr. Burns saying"excellent" Because he is who they are thinking about at all times!
        This next clip is important and it has a cast of charactors:
        • The crowd represents the majority of the American people
        • Mr. Burns is the top 5 percent of the wealthiest Americans
        • Smithers is the republican party
        • And the old guy at the end is the tea party! Enjoy..........

                             p.s. Today is my birthday! Woohooo ;)
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