Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Homeopathy Is Bullshit

Those are sugar pills. Nothing too special about them, unless you are in to homeopathy. If you are, then those are 'medicine'. Supposedly they contain medicine that has been diluted down to incredibly low amounts in water, then added to the pills. Or just in vials. The problem is that they are diluting it to ridiculously small amounts.

Usually they have labels that measure the dilution to 6x through 30x. That is not 6 times diluted, it's 10 to the sixth. That 30x, it means one molecule of the active ingredient to an amount of molecules that would take up 50 Earths. They also have a 'c' measurement. So 30c is 100 to the 30th power. That means one molecule active ingredient to all the molecules in our galaxy. Those are unreal amounts of dilution.

To explain that away they tell you that water has a memory, and by agitating it while the active ingredient is in it they can make it 'remember' the medicine. My natural response to that is, "So, why doesn't it have the same effects as eating waste? All water has had poo in it at some point." I have never gotten a satisfactory answer for this.

Homeopathy has been tested many times, and it's not been shown to have any other effect than a placebo. The studies that have shown that it does something have always been criticized for poor technique, lack of sample size, and inability to recreate results. So they say that homeopathy can't be tested because it won't show up on tests. Seems like a 'get out of reality' card to me.

What really gets me about homeopathy though is that people are making huge bucks off of it. People are lying to you, telling you they can cure you with their diluted crap. They are scammers. They can make these sugar pills for next to nothing, send them to stores, and sell them for amazing amounts of profit. These pills are sold in health stores next to real medicine without any signs saying they are fake. They don't even have to label their packaging like herbal supplements, you know the 'These pills have not been evaluated by the FDA' . Ya, they get out of that because of a law passed over 70 years ago.

Homeopathy won't hurt you, but it should never be used in place of actual medicine. It needs to have labels stating that it does not adhere to the regulations of the FDA. Retailers need to let customers know that it is not real medicine. It can not heal you. It is a scam. It is a way for dishonest people to fleece you. They tell you it's for your health, it's 'natural', it's cheaper than real medicine, doctors are lying to you, etc. They are the liars, they are the cheats, and their products are complete bullshit.

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