Saturday, May 14, 2011

LIBERALS, Know your TRUE enemy!

Liberals everywhere must be aware of one simple fact. Jon Huntsman is the only viable candidate for president that the republican party has. In my mind he is the only one who could take down Obama. Conservatives, allow me to let you in on a little secret.......LIBERALS FEAR JON HUNTSMAN! Why you ask? Because of his conservative values? Because of his experience of being a chief executive of a state? Because he's a real 'merican?.....NO! We fear him because we like him! And if we liberals like him that also means that independent voters will love him!

This would be the reaction from liberals everywhere if we found out that Jon Huntsman won the republican nomination for president.......

Jon Huntsman was the republican governor of Utah and I might add, extremely popular! The only ones I ever saw who were frustrated with him were the far right voters of his own party -aka- the tea baggers. He very much was a conservative republican but not a Rush Limbaugh republican, He was more of a Dwight Eisenhower republican.

In the 2008 election I excitedly cast my vote for Barack Obama for president, Jim Matheson for representative, and Jon Huntsman for governor. I had many disagreements with Jon Huntsman's policies, but as a whole I knew in my gut that he truly tried to govern for ALL Utah citizen's not just the republican base that pretty much every other republican Governor, Senator, Legislator, etc. does!

In 2009 President Obama chose him to be the ambassador to China and he selflessly accepted probably knowing full well that he was badly damaging his chances of winning the hearts of his parties base. He just barely got back and many believe he's setting up groundwork to run for president in 2012 against his former boss Obama.

Unlike the rest of the flock in the republican field, Huntsman is a young, charismatic, non-tea party, likable, middle of the road republican that could easily win over the independent  vote in 2012 especially if unemployment is still high. Now don't get me wrong, I in no way shape or form am endorsing Huntsman over Obama, and I highly doubt the republican base has brains enough to realize the stallion they have in Huntsman! They seem more interested in clowns like Trump, Backmann, or Gingrich than an actual serious candidates.

Obama will easily cost to victory in 2012 against any of these other jokers in the repub field. Huntsman would make 2012 a tough, tough battle for Obama and would have a serious chance of bringing him down. So fellow liberals, we must realize who our enemy is! Huntsman is Freddy Kruger, Huntsman is Jason Voorhees, Huntsman is Michael Meyers! The rest of the flock, we must do whatever WE can do to assure any one of them defeats Huntsman!

Thank god for Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity on this one. They keep the republican base dumbed down. Hopefully it's enough to blind them from reality that Huntsman is their only chance to win the presidency in 2012!

And notice he's called a rino wimp, the tea party hates him. That make him extremely dangerous! 


  1. I think what Huntsman is doing is getting his name out there. That way the election of 2016 he's pretty much a garunteed candidate, if not a garunteed win. He is tge only candidate I would even fathom voting for on tge GOP's side right now, and I would happily vote for him if he wasn't going up against Obama.

  2. Thanks for the warning... I'll keep my eyes peeled.


  3. I think the if the republican party continues to drift to the far right by 2016 Huntsman might as well run as a Democrat as Obama's successor. Think about it, he could say,"I haven't agreed with president Obama on everything but he has been much more responsible a leader than anyone in my former party. I would be honored to succeed the man who I once worked for as ambassador to China." You're welcome bluzdude and welcome aboard! We're glad to have ya!!!:)

  4. Great job getting the word out about Huntsman. He's a contender we don't hear much about and after all the Republican fervor calms down about the other presidential hopefuls, Huntsman could indeed emerge as a surprise candidate who can go toe to toe in a thoughtful debate with Obama and not just spew idiotic talking points the way Palin and McCain did. Maybe the Republicans are finally ready for a President with a brain. It could happen!

  5. Hi, Virgil. The link worked and look -- I see my friends bluzdude and Tgoette. Thanks for this info on Huntsman. I knew nothing about him. I'm thrilled to see four bright, engaged, young progressives like yourselves picking up the banner and raising your voices and will visit often.

  6. Jayne!!! You rock! You realize that I'm doing a post on your awesomeness now right?? I'm humbled and star struck that you have joined our band of liberalism! I promise you're gonna love it!:):)

  7. Hi Virgil,

    Thanks so much for dropping by THE SNEE. I'm psyched to meet 4 outspoken, left leaning, active fellow Utahns (yes, I'm one of you)!

    I was born in SLC and then lived there again about five years ago before returning back to Vermont. You're right about Huntsman. I generally LIKED him...but shhhh....don't tell anyone.

  8. What is up Snee!? I loved, loved, loved your blog and don't be surprised if I steal some of your ideas from time to time! Haha!:D So glad to have a fellow Utahn on board who knows the pain and suffering liberals go through living here! What's Vermont like???


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