Friday, April 6, 2012

Have fun for god sakes!

My posts as of late have been angry. The whole supreme court debate over the health care law really had me to a boiling point. I'm still livid at the thought of the "tea party court" striking down a law for purely political reasons. But that's not the point of this brief post. I wish you all a FUN weekend. Let loose, smile, laugh, and do something stupid. Life is too short to take seriously all the time, advice I myself need to remember.

What The Friday!

I have seen this bumper sticker in a couple of places and it completely pisses me off! I don't care if you like him, I don't care if you agree with him, I don't care if you think he is an ass, he is still our PRESIDENT and as such he deserves our RESPECT!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How the mainstreem media is failing the country.

Did you catch your latest stock portfolio?

 Watching the mainstream media's coverage of the supreme court case of the Affordable Care Act has been depressing to say the least. Here you have a law that will better the lives of thousands of people. Countless lives would be saved as a result of this bill. And this is all just a stupid game to these people. Who's winning? Who's losing? Will this help or hurt Obama? It's maddening! These people are all a bunch of elite snobs who sit around their bright shiny little tables, wearing their makeup so they can look pretty for the dead lens pointing at them, who already have health coverage themselves with plenty of money to cover whatever expenses come their way, who don't have a care, concern, worry, or sense of what pain the majority of the country is going through. To them this is all a fucking football game. My teams gonna win, no, my teams gonna win. Your team sucks, no, your team sucks. This sums up our ridiculous media coverage of such an important policy for average hard working Americans.

And every fucking media outlet I've seen today starts with the same notion, "does the federal government have the right to force you to buy health insurance?" The question is designed to piss off the viewers. Obviously the viewer is going to say, "NO!" Out of every way this law could be framed and the MSM chooses the most right winged propaganda term imaginable. They may as well ask," does the evil government have the right to force you to watch reruns of the Lawrence Welk show everyday for the rest of your pathetic miserable little lives?"

Who wins? Who loses? While the mainstream media collectively masturbates to thought of themselves the rest of the country is watching in disbelief as the Supreme court is poised to strike down a law that the sitting president and elected officials fought and sacrificed political capital on for nearly two years. What a precedent indeed that would be if the highest court in the land, for talking heads purely political reasons, strikes down a law that would benefit the entire country. To answer the moronic, repulsive, idiotic question that these self obsessed keep asking I'll tell them who loses if this law is struck down. America loses. Who wins, far right wing radical ideologues who, while you read this post, are preparing for the second coming of a ghost man to come down from the sky and take them all away to a magical, unicorn infested utopia.

Will affordable healthcare for all help Obama or the Republicans?
 Our press is supposed to be a neutral, impartial, fair, and yes Fox News, balanced organization. They are supposed to inform the public about the issues in a factual manner and let the viewer decide what he/she thinks. Looking at the coverage of the affordable care act I can definitely tell that the mainstream press has an agenda. The agenda is to anger the viewer into having zero to little faith in our government and institutions. And they are succeeding with flying colors. If I were an ill informed, casual viewer I would be so turned off by this whole thing that I'd pretty much expect and accept the notion that the government sucks and I shouldn't try to get involved in public policy debates because I'd just be waisting my time. The media clearly is working very hard to convey this image. Why?

Why else but money? They got theirs. And they don't want an educated and informed public to start demanding real reforms within our government and political process to benefit the rest of us. In other words, they want to keep their millions upon millions of dollars while the rest of us shmucks continue to fight each other for what little money is left for the rest of us. Why would they want what is a pretty mild reform such as the Affordable Care Act to succeed. To them it is a threat to their own prosperity.

You people are so easy to control!
It's not just FOX either, it's everyone! ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and even NPR to an extent. They all treat the American public like we're a bunch of mindless buffoons ready and willing to be led like a pack of sheep through the deepest darkest part of the forest only to be left and abandoned. I am so sick and tired of being treated like I'm just an idiot who doesn't deserve to be treated with any respect. I know I sound like a tea bagger when I say FUCK THE MEDIA, but it's true. We need not heed the words of a select group of elites who live in New York or Washington D.C. who are part of the 1% and already have great health coverage and great paying jobs. I think we should instead talk to each other about what we think we can collectively do to solve this problem. We should stop listening to news outlets who don't care at all about the greater good.
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