Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Racing with a go-cart

This is the democratic parties argument during elections. It's modern, slick, quick, and in your face awesome! When we show up to presidential races we are ready and in the need for speed! We believe in....
  • A fair and just government of, for, and by the people! Even the little guy, even the minority, even those who have no wealth, or power, or political clout.
  • A country that doesn't police other countries. War is old and outdated and creates more problems than it solves.
  • Equal rights for all! Not just the old, the white, and the religious.
  •  fair and balanced rules to the road. Corporate interests should have zero influence in Washington!
  • Health care is a basic fucking human right!!! Not a privilege that only the wealthy may enjoy!!
  • protect our environment! we only have one world, lets care for her!
  • a robust middle class! 
  • protect our most vulnerable citizens!
  • education for all! this too is a basic human right
  • separation of church and state! No one religion shall ever have any say in our social discussions!
  • freedom of speech! even when we disagree, it's all of our rights to say, express, and present ourselves the way we each individually see fit!
  • capitalism is good as long as it's controlled by rules and restrictions. Too much capitalism exposes the American people to the whims of greedy corporations.
  • rule of law, habeas corpus!
  • human rights! no race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or any other background of individuals is deemed superior to any other!
  • the list goes on and on, this is just the tip of the liberal iceberg!

This is the republican parties argument during elections. It's old fashioned, rustic, loud, fast, aggressive, angry, and very dangerous if the driver of the democratic parties car is not quick, alert,responsive and equally aggressive. Republicans believe in....
  • small government, less taxes
  • guns
  • small government, less taxes
  • war!
  • small government, less taxes
  • talk radio
  • blah blah blah, yady yady yada
  • fox news
  • bley blah blow, yakedy shmakedy
  • rich people
  • blah blah freakin blah!
  • racists
  • ho humm hee and a bottle of rum
  • un-educated kids
The republican party is relentless and will take whatever road it needs to travel in order to win elections! They are the creators of the low road in political discussion! Just look at the Tea Party folk.....

These people have no shame, no remorse, no humility, no compassion, no fear, no care in the world about the kind of tactics they pull to sway the public to their side. And when in the hell will us liberals learn that the general public buys it! Look at the last election in 2010, we got clobbered! Why? Because we listened to the ass heads who screamed at us ... "Take the high road", "Stop being so partisan", "I'm tired of both parties"! Blah, Blah, Blah!

The conservative agenda:
  • The rich must get richer and the poor must remain poor. The middle class must disappear and the rich and powerful must have all the say. War is always the answer to countries who disagrees with 'merica! The constitution was founded by a bunch of neo-con red necks and we must oblige their wishes! Corporations and Christianity are the kings of the country and the working class and minorities are the enemy. We will fool the general public that government is evil and that low taxes are a good thing. That way when the debt and deficit are out of control from a lack of federal income, we'll cut all public spending and the rich and powerful will truly have all the power once and for all! Bwahahahahaaaaa!
  • ps, close the god damn border!!!!

    GO-CART (Stop being a liberal or conservative, instead, appease me!)

    I read this on facebook the other day as a response to my post on Jon Huntsman. The guy who we'll call "Go-carter guy" obviously missed the point of my entry........

    Facebooker,"that article bothered me greatly. I do not know much about Huntsman. The author suggested that Huntsman would be a good candidate to run. Why would he then hope that Huntsman doesn't run/doesn't win in the primaries? As long as people like the author of this continue to look at things solely as Republican and Democrat and not look at each candidate's stand on the important issues, then this country will never get better. And BTW, I will now spend some time checking out Huntsman and see what he has done/can still do. If you voted for him then he must have something to offer!" My response to him is I don't want it to be Huntsman because I want Obama to be re-elected! I want it to be an easy win, and a guy like Huntsman would pose a big threat to his re-election! Now I understand that a lot of my fellow liberals are luke warm to Obama right now but I'll do a post on that issue later.

    Go-carter guy from facebook

    And this, this is the argument of "vote for the best candidate, not Republican vs Democrat gosh darn it!" It's an old wooden go-cart that is really fun to have around as a novelty but when it comes to winning races that involve a clash of super quick race cars it's pointless to even show up.They believe in...
    • Self righteousness
    • Not really paying attention to the world
    • looking down on people with opinions
    • Not getting the big picture
    • wondering why we all just can't seem to get along
    • wishing everyone were more like them
    • expecting the worlds problems to solve themselves without clashes of opinion
    • expecting both parties to play nice to appease them

    I mean, you could show up, get to the starting line, and watch the other two cars leave you behind in the dust. You could rolls your eyes at the other two cars and feel really special and noble that they aren't as wise, intelligent, and wonderful as you are but in the end you lose! Not only do you lose, you never even compete!
    Politics is a clash of ideas! That's how the founding fathers intended it to be!

    Go-carter guy: "Virgil, I'm deeply offended at your notion that it's either republican or democrat! It's because of awful awful people like you that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. Why can't you be more like me and less like you! I'm perfect, I study both candidates and listen to their sweet little sound bites and whoever gives me the warm and fuzzies the most gets my vote!"

    Me: "That sounds good, in a perfect world your argument makes total sense to me. Can't we all just get along etc! But this is a competition! This is an epic battle of ideas, ideals, and beliefs! This is not a tea party(no pun intended) this isn't a time for high horses, eye rolling,or self importance. When you watch a football or basketball game, or any other competition  do you ever see the fans of either team shouting at each other saying, 'Hey! everybody, be nice, who cares who wins, I just want the best team to win and that's it! So take your foamy hands, team t-shirts, and over sized goggles and get the fuck outta here! Only us perfect people may watch! Now where is my seeing glass?" Hell no! 

    Plus, us liberals have been guilty of listening to people like you for way too long now and it has always brought us failure! We ain't listening to you anymore! Go and start your own political party and vote for YOUR candidates and leave us the fffff....heckers alone! I even have a few names you could call your political party
    • the getalong dammit party
    • the highhorse party
    • the naive party
    • the 1990 democratic party
    • the we're much better than you party 
    • the I'm confused party
    • the go-cart party            -my personal favorite;)
    • the  hurray for us! party
    • the We hate both parties party
    • the may the best liar win! party
    • the I don't know what I want party
    • and finally...the no parties allowed party! 
    To finish allow me to piss off the fence sitters even more. For years now the democratic party has fallen in to the trap of trying to appease you people for far too long now. From the time of Jimmy Carter to the embarrassment  of John Kerry losing to silver spoons Bush we tried too hard to appease you types who wanted us to not be so darned mean! And during that time we usually got our collective asses kicked. Every now and then we'd win an election but usually it was the republicans who triumphed. 

    In 2006 we finally wised up and fought fire with fire and Obama continued suit in 2008. Then in 2010 we once again fell for your "take the high road" approach and once clobbered. We're done with you! Fuck off! If you're a fence sitter and you're getting pissed of by this post then I will say THANK GOD! Go, join the ranks of the GOP! Fuck up their election chances for the next 30 years will ya!?! We have no desire to appease the do-gooders who don't seem to show up and vote for us anyways! 

    To liberals no mind to those who demand you to be nice, stop the partisanship,  take the high road, and appease them. Be loud, be aggressive, be firm in what you believe and hold dear to your hearts! These people have utterly failed us and are un-reliable at best in showing up to the polls and voting for us! Encourage them to join the GOP, maybe the republicans will fall for it and we can reap the benefits for the next generation or two!

    Anybody who tells us to not be so darned partisan is one of three things...
    1. Naive
    2. Self righteous
    3. Closet conservative! 


      1. One missing Republican tenet: Every life is sacred, right up until the time they're born! Then, fuck'em; they need to get a job.

      2. Ah yes! In fact bluzdude, I think that will be a future post all together! It's worded perfectly!!

      3. Red car, Blue car....This reminds me of GO DOG GO, or was it ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH? Whatever the case, very clever car analogies. Loved it, and I completely see what you're driving at!

      4. Thanks Snee! I'm glad you're here with us! You rock!\w/

      5. Wow, you truly amaze me. You brought up some very good points.

      6. Red car, Blue car....This reminds me of GO DOG GO, or was it ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH? Whatever the case, very clever car analogies. Loved it, and I completely see what you're driving at!


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