Saturday, May 28, 2011

KSL Newsradio sucks!! (to put it nicely)

It's the same thing everyday here in Utah. You get up, go pee, have a quick breakfast, get ready for work, hop in the car, turn on the radio, see how traffic and weather are doing these days, then get spoon fed right winged propaganda until you arrive at work. Ya, you could turn it to NPR but "Morning Edition" makes you more sleepy than you already are, you could turn it to "Radio From Hell" but they're only funny for so long, you could turn it to "Bob And Tom" but they're only funny if you're a red neck idiot. Or you could listen to any other dumb-ass Utah DJ but they only irritate the fuck out of you.

So you have two choices in the end, listen to your own CD's, tapes, or I pods, or listen to Grant and Amanda Huff 'n Puff yuck it up on your annoying drive to work! Their traffic and weather updates (every ten minutes on the nine's!) as they like to put it, are really good. But everything else about them sucks! Ya they report the news, but it is soooooo biased towards...
It's a joke!

  • From 6-9 it's Grant Nelson and Amanda Dixon, Grant hates books and Amanda hates reality.
  • Kris Redgrave does a "Speaking on Business" report, which tells us how wonderful corporations and the private sector are.
  • Then it's time for Doug Wright! From 9-12 we listen to the show "where Utah comes to talk!" To be honest I'd like to criticize his show but I simply have too much respect for him. He is definitely a right winged LDS talking piece but he is also a reasonable guy and a good man. I listened to him choke up on air the other day about his son who he recently lost in a horrible accident, and I gotta tell ya, I got choked up just listening to him. Doug Wright makes KSmell a lot less smelly and if it weren't for him, all would be lost for this station. 
  • Then it's time for "The Browser" from 1-3, it replaced the Sean Hannity show so I guess it could be worse nuff said!
  • From 3-6 it's the afternoon news with Scotty and the nice one. Scotty can't seem to spit out anything comprehensible and Maria seems nice and I don't have a problem with her.
  • From 7-10 it's "Nightside Project" it sucks!
What bothers me the most with KSmell is they are blatantly biased toward pro right wing, pro Mormon propaganda. I understand that they can do whatever they want but I wish the Utah media had more alternative outlets. In Utah we have two political classes
  1. Ultra conservative republicans
  2. Moderate republicans
And it shows in our media. I wish we could have a liberal point of view media outlet in this state. And don't give me the typical "Well, the national media is liberally biased Virgil!" No, they're not! The national media is biased towards themselves! They play both sides and get what they want from them so they can get ratings! That argument is old and outdated!

Oh, and they're so pro BYU Cougars too! You would never know that we have the Utes in this state that is a Pac 12 team and is one of the better college football teams in the country! Would KSmell ever tell us that? No! It would upset the Quorum of the 12 so they can't say it!


  1. Very true. Even tho, I myself enjoy The Radio From Hell crew. They at least say how I feel. Yeah, they tap right into my brain and say it on air. I'm cool like that. They also make fun of Grant and Amanda and Bill does a great impression of Grant.

  2. I like the Radio From Hell crew in small doses. I just wish there could be a station that was as professional and quick paced as KSL and also as funny as those guys.

  3. Ugh! Fuck Utah! I am sick of this damn state! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

  4. I didn't know you lived in Utah Mrs. Pickle!?! Interesting. Haha:D

  5. Yes I live here and can't wait to get out! I have been fucked in the ass by this state and not in the good way.

  6. So that's why you call yourself Mrs. Pickle! It all makes sense now!!!:)

  7. Makes me glad I don't listen to KSL. It's Radio From Hell or CD's for me.

  8. Yes I live here and can't wait to get out! I have been fucked in the ass by this state and not in the good way.

  9. Lol sounds like you ass gets it alot


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