Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy stoopid erth day?! by: Ron Teanek

this is the dummest day of the year! its just a day for liberals to wine and complane about capitalism! the government has no right to enforce laws to protect what they call the enviroment! nobama and his cronies are wanting to take away our freedoms by funding the EPA! this day was created by a communist who conspired with his fellow socialists to make it cool to be a nazi!

well i have news for you odumba! this isn't russia! this is 'merica! we beleive in the free market! we belive in capitalisms! we beleive in the constitution, and actually so much more1 if you want to protect the enviroment move to sweedin! if obama bin laden gets his way we'll be turned into france pretty soon! i hate the france!!!

the blacks, gays, homosexuals, and illegal messicans are taking over our country! We need to even take it back from them! i dont want to live in a socialism like china1 so dont celebrate this fake, un'merican holiday that the terroist liberals created to take away your freedums! join the tea party insted of it! the tea party belives in 'merica, free markets, individual liberties, Jesus christ, capitalims, free enterprize, and not global warming!!11!!

tell me, if global warming was real than why is it cold outside today? why does the smoke go away from the air? why does the earth look the same as it alway did? why didnt the bible say anything about al gore? its fake! barackmadinigad and his liberal hippie's want to take away your freedoms! it makes me so mad at them!

so now that you see that earth day is not real, you have to vote out every single dumbocrat out of office! only then will our freedoms be restored and the EPA will no longer controll what you do anymore. then when we elect donald trump for president he will elect george w bush back in to vice president and we the real 'mericans will have our country back!!!


  1. God, I'm glad that's not how you really feel.

  2. Ron Teanek said....
    That's because your a liberal troll Reverend!and Dazee, that is how I feel cuz Ima real 'Merican!


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