Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What the Corporate media wants you to think..

I was planning on posting on my annoyance with the left tonight. Yes, the left is not immune to criticism on our proud project here. However glancing thru today's news pissed the hell out of me so I want to elaborate on how the so called "liberal media" is not , is not, is not liberal!!

On every single news site today, every god damn site! See for yourself! Two things stand out with regards to our presidents deficit reduction plan. Now keep in mind, THIS IS HUGE AND IMPORTANT TO OUR COUNTRIES FUTURE WELL BEING!...Okay so two things..

  1. omg! Vice President Biden fell asleep during obama's speech today
  2. Obama's plan inlcudes TAX HIKES!!
Okay, so...this is what the corporate media is trying to sell to the public; That Biden is dumb, Obama is boring, and your taxes are about to go up! This is what the general public will see from Obama's plan today. Then they'll be polled(oh how the media loves the polls) and people will say,"oh god! that obama plan is awful! I disapprove!

Now if the media were sooo liberal why would they be selling this to us? When if you actually research and study his plan you'll see that's it's a very moderate, reasonable, tough yet fair plan. When all is said and done media outlets are driven by one thing and one thing alone...RATINGS!

That's all they care about, is dumbing you down, pissing you off, leaving you hopeless so you'll come back and make sure the world hasn't ended yet and they'll get their precious RATINGS! If the media were truly liberal they would focus entirely on fact and not rely on commercials and advertizements to sell you shit!

Anyways, I want to thank our few followers we already have. I'm glad your with us, I really am! Please tell your friends and family or anyone you think would be interested in what we're trying to do here. Were in the very beginning stages of our quest of truly giving liberals a voice! We have so much planned for you all and I promise if you can bring us more followers, I will, and I know the Reverend will do everything we possibly can(we'll put our hearts and souls into this) to make Red Town Blues the place to come for information on daily events, thoughtful opinions, damn funny sketches, movie and video game reviews, and so much more than I can put in a paragraph. Were only gonna get better and better at this!!


  1. Oh and BTW, taxes would only go up on the top 2% of the countries population, ya know, the all rich, all powerful, million and billionaires. The runners of the media itself. No wonder the media wants the plan killed! It all makes sense now.

  2. I love this blog. You freaking cracked me up with you OMG Biden fell asleep sentence. :)


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