Monday, April 25, 2011

Poorly Handled

I recently got linked this article. Please read it, since the rest of this post won't make any sense if you don't. Read it? Good.

First, a disclaimer: I hate the Westboro Baptist Church.
that said, here we go.

First, I found the abuses of police power to be appalling. Rounding up what few protesters did make it to be questioned about a crime they may have committed, and holding them just long enough for the funeral to commence. Or the fact that their wreckers were 'behind' and couldn't tow the illegally parked trucks until after the funeral was over, and by then the owners had moved them.

Secondly, the town engaged in bullying behavior. They beat the crap out of one of the protesters, then sat around being 'unable to remember' what happened when the police showed up. They intimidated the guy, then the police questioned him in front of the culprits. Of course he wasn't going to point out who did it. Then they think it's OK to abuse the law and illegally park their trucks in the way, and use the police to round up any protesters that did show up. It wasn't bravery they showed or respect they deserve. They were malicious bullies who should be shown contempt for their actions.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a hateful group of people, and I dislike them very much, but they have every right to protest on public property. This kind of bullshit effectively stripped them of their 1st amendment rights, and yet the people of Brandon, Mississippi are being hailed as heroes. Why? What they did was reprehensible. There is appropriate and inappropriate ways to deal with these kinds of things, and they were more than inappropriate. If you want to handle the situation well, counter protest. Protest the Westboro Baptist Church by their churches, places of business, schools, etc. It's entirely legal and appropriate to protest anything you want on public land. Go out and do that! It's more effective and better than being a bunch of dumb hick bullies who abuse the system to get their way.

"I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."-Ewelyn Beatrice Hall


  1. Allow me to play devils advocate here....The Westboro Baptist Church reaps what they sow! When you go around proclaiming your contempt and hatred for people you didn't know you are going to receive contempt and hatred from people who don't know you! While I wouldn't condone the behavior of either the vile Westboro Baptist church or the people and police of Brandon, Mississippi. I would not help but be a little glad for the family of the fallen soldier that they didn't have salt water poured on an already open wound from losing their loved one. A pain that I can't imagine but must be hell.

  2. Very well said Virgil. I think that the Westboro church deserves whatever they get. Karma baby.

  3. I agree they are making enemies, but to devolve into this kind of base emotional behavior is not the right way to get back at them. Ultimately it mars the very constitution and country that the soldiers were trying to protect. You can get back at the Westboro people, but you need to do it legally. The sleaze that Brandon Mississippi used was so far out of line that they did as much harm, in my opinion, as the Westboro protesters. You can't strip rights from people you dislike or eventually you'll be the one having their liberties removed.

  4. Point well made Reverend! I totally am very much in line to 90% of what you are saying. Two wrongs do not make a right. I just have a hard time defending a far right hate group who has clout and media attention as it is. When the real victims of all of this is the families, friends, and all those close to the person who I'm sure was a good decent person. When you have two bad choices between a group who organizes hatred and possible violence v.s. average ordinary people who react poorly due to the emotions of the situation I tend to lean to the latter. Great post man, awesome post actually!

  5. I support the 'angel wings!' That is protest at its best! ;)

  6. I agree it's hard to defend them, but abuse of the system, even towards people you don't agree with, wrongs everyone. Thanks for the compliments! Mindi, those kinds of counter-protests are just what I'm talking about. No ones rights get stepped on, and it shows that the hateful are only a small minority.

  7. I completly agree with Mindi and the Reverend, but to Virgils point. "Post Traumatic Stress" will surface even the calmest persons rage. It was only a matter of time that this would happen to them for these unforgivable protests.


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