Sunday, April 17, 2011

WE WANT TO SNUGGLE YOU CLOSE! (Well, not literally, you know what I mean).....

We here at Red Town Blues need to make it clear to everyone who follows us, is just visiting us, or isn't quite sure if they want to follow us or not.....


I know I have repeatedly said that we have so much planned for our blog and that I can't describe it all in one paragraph, so I thought I would lay out our vision, plans, and goals for our project here.
  1. First of all, this is a liberal blog as I've said before! Being as such we invite all different kinds of viewpoints to the discussion. Whether you agree with whatever post or not, we want to hear from you and get your perspective.
  2. Although we want to hear differing opinions on various subjects, anyone who belittles, harasses, or makes any kind of negative personal attacks; especially on fellow followers who have posted their opinions, will be immediately booted off this blog! If you don't like liberal opinions, feel free to start your own anti-liberal blog or something! Or go watch Fox News!
  3. Keeping rules one and two in mind...this is your blog! We will usually have daily posts so visit often, and the great thing with this blog is, there is three of us(hopefully four soon).So you'll get different personalities with each post!
  4. Everyone is more than welcome to follow, we will follow your blog as well and return the favor! Lets build a network here! And we'll try our best to interact with EVERYONE! Whether you're an old timer or new comer, we value your voice and what you have to say!
  5. The rest of this list is a broad outline of what we want to do here.....
  6. International, national issues.
  7. Local(Utah) issues. (if your not from Utah your still gonna love how quirky this far right state is).
  8. Our blog will be absolutely and unabashedly progressive.
  9. Movie reviews, video game reviews
  10. Political satire
  11. Offensive, rude, and explicit....YES!
  12. "The TEANEKS" Stay tuned, you're gonna love it.
  13. "Sabarguements" ditto
  14. Video logs featuring Myself and the Reverend and more....
Every fifteen minutes or so I think of something else that could be fun so this list will constantly be updated. Most importantly of all though is please follow us! We want to make some noise, make some noise with us. It is our intention to make this blog a haven for progressive liberals everywhere. We barely have a voice as it is even with Obama in the white house, we all need to make our voices heard in this media frenzied, tea party, corporate interest atmosphere we live in right now; And by god, we will be heard!!! Or if your an Athiest..........BY DARN!

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  1. ahahahaha, by darn if you are an athiest. that is freaking funny.


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