Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet the authors episode 2: Virgils revenge

Nostradamus, The Maya, and Ancient Hindu transcripts all proficized his coming. Though his name was never directly mentioned, one of the Nostradamus quatrains read as follows,"And there will be fire, and flood, and pestilence; and Virgil will be henseforth unappeased."

Through the ages his name was but a whisper in shadowy villages or something. Virgil fell from the sky on what many described as either a large asteroid, or a collection of spaceship waste.

Either way, he has arrived, and has reportedly teamed up with the infamous(and handsome) Reverend! Together their quest for world domination and free cookie samples is nearly unstoppable! You're all doomed unless you join them!!!!!!!!


  1. How you come up with this stuff while NOT under the influence is beyond me. :)I'm scared... and excited, I hope this feeling will last. ;)

  2. Who said I wasn't under the influence?

  3. Uh... The Reverend told me, and those guys never lie...


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