Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cover Them Ladies Up!

                                                        (Yes that is David Archuleta)

So I know I'm a little late and this article has been out for quite some time, but it still really annoys me so I'm going to write about it anyway! Y'all are just gonna have to deal.

A couple weeks ago LZ Granderson wrote an article called Parents, Don't Let Your Girls Dress Like Tramps. Here is a link

First off I would just like to say I think little girls should dress in age appropriate attire and we should not be sexualizing them at all, but this article pissed me off!!! Why does he think it's OK to call any woman of any age a tramp, let alone little girls?

Once you start using words like tramp or slut in regards to a lady you are only seeing her for the clothes she wears.  All people wear things to be noticed. May that be wearing skin tight short-shorts or a cute floral dress. We need to start looking past that because its not what matters! Some may argue that in order to avoid being judged in that way a girl should cover up. Here's the thing though, covering everything up will not fix the problem. In fact is only makes it worse! Once you make dressing "immodest" taboo it becomes the sole thing people focus on!

What we need to do is teach our youth to be good people and have confidence in themselves, but those lessons should not be taught by telling them to cover up. That is just like telling them their bodies are all people care about and want. Which does create shame and abhorring feeling toward the human body! 

 The message that is being sent to the female, especially in Utah, is that her sole purpose is to attract a mate and to bear children rather than valuing them for what they contribute to the work force, educational community or politics. We do not value males for the condition of their bodies... do we? Why do we make that distinction for our young women?

Calling a girl a tramp is the worst kind of label you could give her. You have no idea what kind of person she is, she may be the sweetest, most untramp like person. Just because someone dresses modest doesn't mean they are automatically the most delightful person. I know many girls who dress modest and are miserable human beings, but I had to get to know them before I came to that conclusion. Clothing is a superficial standard to judge someones character and the exposure or under exposure of skin is an unfair measure of someones worth. You also further draconian ideals that originated over 4,000 years ago that were designed to oppress women and to keep them in their "place".

The point I'm getting at is the clothes don't make the person and we need to stop focusing on them like they do! Character matters and that cannot accurately be measured by the square inches of skin that are showing. We avoid sexualizing our young women by emphasizing their positive character traits in much the same way we already do with the young men! So don't use hateful words to judge, because the only thing you are doing is propelling society backwards when we should be advancing forward!


  1. I think I am a little both/and on this one. I agree with your commentary on words and attitude, and your writing on this now and in the past has caused me to re-check my own thoughts and attitudes.

    I also think the author was ham-handed in his delivery and chauvinist in his word choice, but I did appreciate his challenge to parents. How a pre-13 year old dresses really is within the control of the parent, but a lot of parents are either abdicating that role... or are, at times, the very ones directing the child to dress in ways that make them look 6-10 years older than they are.

    My students are 11-12 years old, and I am amazed at some of their outfits sometimes. They look ready for a night of bar-hopping rather than a day of school.

  2. I agree. You never ever should judge a book by it's cover. Great post.

  3. Andrew I totally agree! Parents should be looking at what their kids are wearing and make sure that it is indeed age appropriate! Don't let them grow up so fast, childhood is something that should be treasured and prolonged as long as possible!

    Thanks Dazee Dreamer, I'm very glad you liked it!!!

  4. Andrew-welcome aboard! It's great to have you! Dazee-wazzup! Kate- great post! My 4 year old daughter is such a sweet, loving, smart person!(she's almost as smart as me at this point!)

    And I dread the day when she starts feeling the pressures of society telling her to look a certain way. I honestly wish I could freeze her at this age forever so she doesn't have to worry about that crap!

  5. I have a 14-year-old granddaughter who, fortunately, looks and dresses like a 14-year-old instead of a wannabe 30-year-old. But I'm glad she lives in a country where she has the freedom to choose how she dresses!

  6. Andrew I totally agree! Parents should be looking at what their kids are wearing and make sure that it is indeed age appropriate! Don't let them grow up so fast, childhood is something that should be treasured and prolonged as long as possible!

    Thanks Dazee Dreamer, I'm very glad you liked it!!!

  7. hmmmm?
    Did they post new videos on the link you provided?
    Followed the link. He never called anyone a tramp. nope.
    I read your opinions as well. LOL, the two of you agree lots more than you disagree. Wonder why you are so offended at him. He actually points out the unfairness of his viewer using the term ''prostitots'' and places all the blame on the parents.
    The dude is only saying to parents that they are wrong to sexualize their very young children, and provides research showing it may be unhealthy for the kids involved. seems as if he agrees that children should have time to simply be kids n not dress sexually provocative. As a parent he mentioned that he wont let his boy dress inappropriately, so i wonder why you slap him for only focusing on the girls.
    The issue was inappropriate girls clothing thats being marketed only because parents buy it.
    I agree with both of you. parents need to dress their children appropriately, both boys and girls.
    You called no one a tramp, he called no one a tramp.
    You support age appropriate attire in both genders, he does the same. You seem to be applying to him views that were not expressed in the link you provided.
    Don't call him ''draconian'' and demonize him for supporting the very views you hold. You two are kindred spirits on this issue.
    Calm down, take a deep breath, walk in the park n pick some flowers to place in a vase on the dining room table.
    LIFE IS GOOD :) enjoy it.


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