Friday, July 8, 2011

Would you like jam with that toast??


This is somewhat of a sequel to my Obama's toast, enjoy him while you can! post.

Today was the final nail in the coffin! To all Obama supporters, he's done, finished, gone! Accept it. The American people are too obsessed with tabloids and fluff to have the knowledge required to realize that this bad economy is not his fault.

No doubt the top CEO's of corporations and their hedge fund managers were all giving each other high fives when the unemployment numbers came out today. Only 18,000 jobs created(100,000 was expected) and the unemployment rate jumped up to 9.2 percent.

Obama will not be re-elected! His own liberal base hates him(many have said they will not support him), the republican voters will turn out in droves to defeat him regardless of who the republican nominee is, corporations will be able to influence the general public into voting for their republican puppets, unions have been weakened state to state, and the independent voter is too busy watching "American Idol" and "Gossip Girl" to know what the hell is going on!

So we need to realize that the REAL presidential election is going on right now. The republican primary, whoever wins will be the next president! One of these next three people will be the next President...
1. Mitt Romney
Hi, I'm Troy I mean
Mitt Romney!
The similarities between Mitt and Troy are truly strange........

2. Michelle Bachmann
Michelle "Wont someone please think

The uppity snooty wife of the preacher, sounds like Bachmann to me!

of the children!" Bachmann!

3. Rick Perry
Governor Rick"Yeehaaw!"

So their you have it. Mark my words, one of those three will be the next president! In my opinion this country doesn't deserve Obama. The old saying is"You reap what you sow." We Americans are a spoiled, fickle, unruly bunch, all of us! We are reaping what we sow.

People on the right hate him because he's a communist, socialist, terrorist, Muslim, black man!
People on the left hate him because he's a traitor, pussy, weak, DINO, wimpy guy!
People in the middle hate him because he "hasn't made the economy good again yet!?"
We deserve any one of those three republicans, they represent us all far better than Obama does! Now where did I put my Canada map?


  1. I loved the videos. Now I have a better understanding of those 3 candidates.

  2. Why thank you Dazee, get to know them well, one of them is your next president.

  3. Hey now, Michelle Bachman has the spirit of John Wayne Gayce which could be very good for this country. Who is going to mess with a country that has an admitted serial killing clown for a president, I ask you?
    Honestly though, I must admit I am frustrated that he put Social Security up for bargain in order to help coax the repubs to raise the debt ceiling. Not that I place all the blame on him, but for the fact that there are other things that could be cut besides SS that he probably could have used as bargaining chips instead.

  4. If there are Progressives out there that refuse to support the President in the next election, then we are indeed doomed. To not support Obama in 2012 is clearing the way for one of these corporate shills to run things for the next 4-8 years. If they think Obama is bad, wait til they get a load of the next regime.

    The problem is that the case for Obama comes primarily from the head... logical analysis of the situation and the root causes.

    And we know how well logic plays in election campaigns...

  5. You know Bluz sometimes I'm amazed with how much we think alike! Honestly I can't think of one time so far that I've disagreed with anything you've said.

    Maybe the only thing that has bothered me about you is you are far better at communication than I am and I get jealous! But that's it!

    Thanks for being an awesome reader of our blog Bluzdude, you're definitely one of our favorites!:)

  6. I know we are upset about him using SS as a bargaining chip. I am as well. We'll see what the final bill looks like, as long as raising taxes on the super rich are included. I really don't know what else to say without sounding like a jackass.

    I love my fellow progressives, but I also love Obama! I'm caught between a rock and a hard place!:/

  7. So, because the Right is moving to the extreme by nominating Bachmann, then the Left wants to go to their extreme and challenge Obama with a progressive like a Sanders or a Feingold. So, lets pit one extreme against the other and may the best man(or woman) win! I do believe it will be the Progressive cuz in the next 6 months the GOP will take us so far down in the ditch the people will actually be awake and for the first time see those evil bastards for the bastards they are. Pussy or no pussy if nobody challenges Obama he WILL WIN! GO Obambie!!!

  8. I don't have faith in people like you do. One year from now the economy is still gonna suck and people will blame the guy in charge. That's just the way it is.

  9. :: whimpers ::

    2012 does not look comforting. If a Republican moderate takes the lead, it might not be as ominous, but if one of the right-wing Republicans wins, God help us all.

  10. Thanks bro. You guys rock! We need more progressive voices like you guys. Hearing your reports from behind Mormon lines, it's like getting intel from behind enemy lines.


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