Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse is dead and it's all Obama's fault!

An impression of the IQ of the general public

  • Amy Winehouse died because Obama wanted to tax her so badly that she killed herself to avoid socialisms.
  • I had bad diarria last night you know why?????? Obama!
  • Don't raise the debt ceiling! I'm fed up with the federal guverment spending all of my money! They should just abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Student Loans, Foreign assistance, and any other guverment spending and let the corporate powers have complete and utter rule over us all! Then and only then, will we truly be free?
  • This Norway guy was such a jerk! I'm sure it's some how because of Obama that he done did do it!
  • It took forever to get to work today! It's because the Guverment can't keep it's guverment hands of my freeway system!!!!
  • What's on E network tonight?
  • The Obama recession started the second Obama walked into the oval office and declared himself sharia law or somethin
  • Glenn Beck for pres!!!!! He's a real 'merican!
  • No football, no basketball? Those damn unions ruin everything! it's all Obama's fault!
  • BACON!
  • Vote 'em all out of office! Except for the Republicans!
  • Cut spending! Except on the rich! They really need a few thousand more dollars!
  • Obamacare is a job killer! Letting the U.S. default on it's debts is a job creater!
  • Did you see Gossip Girl last night? OMG, she is such a little whore!


  1. hahahaha. great post. and somehow I can just see some peoples minds saying those things


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