Friday, July 1, 2011

The end of three eras.

Virgil's epic return! This song is already a classic, but I also loved the video. Plus this song sums up my feelings on people who look down on me.

Yesterday marked the end of three eras!
  1. Bob Gates retires and received the medal of honor from President Obama. Back when Gates arrived in 2006 after the mid term thumpin as Bush put it. Rummsfeild was fired retired and Bush nominated Bob Gates as his successor. Like everyone else at that time I was fed up and outraged at the War in Iraq and the reckless disregard Donald Rummsfeild showed for human life both American and Iraqi. I assumed Gates would be no different and automatically hated him when he arrived.
          I now know how wrong I was. I believe he was a good man, a good Defense Secretary, and fine public servant. Now before you all cry foul and decry my non liberal conformity let me say I didn't always agree with him and so forth. But I believe he did so many great things that you simply can't ignore it. He inherited a disaster from Rummy. He made the Secretary of Defense a respectable position again. Hopefully Panetta can pick up the baton and run with it from there.

              2.  Bye bye Beck! Good riddance to one of the most hate filled fucktards in the country. I know he's just leaving Fox but still, one less awful, angry, fear mongering, evil shows on TV! Just a reminder of what we'll all be missing.........

              3. Mark Halperin's smug, egocentric, asshole ways are being exposed finally! I've hated this fucker for a long time now and he finally is himself in the hot seat after calling President Obama a "dick" live on the air. I've never liked this asshole! In fact my shut the fffff....heck up post was in reference to a god awfully stupid piece of shit article that Halperin wrote on the death of Bin Laden. I'm glad this prick is finally being recognized as the shithead that he is!

  This pretty much sums up the REAL media! If media hacks like this guy and these people say things like this about the president on the air it makes you wonder what they say off the air! What a bunch of losers we have in the American press! All of them! They're all a bunch of cynical, self important, smug assholes!

If Obama said anything like this about Mark Halperin the media would be all over it! In fact I bet there would be calls for his immediate resignation! But the media has double standards. Whenever politicians, celebrities, or other well known figures slip up and say something dumb the press immediately points their cameras in the faces of "whoever done it". It would be shoved down our throats for weeks until the ADHD media found another story to expose and sensationalize! But the second a media hack does it........


  1. Welcome back. Great post. Loved the cricket video. I'm weird, I know. :)

  2. Yay! You're back where you belong. (I'll have to read the post now. Me and politics, you already know. :) Love ya!

  3. nothing I love more than a couple ranting progressives!! Glad you found me cuz now I found you, I'll add ya to my bloglist! Rant on brothas!

  4. Nothing I love more than a new reader who also runs a kick ass blog! Welcome aboard Sue! I hope you visit often.:)

  5. I'm flatterd Thanks!.. I got some quiet time so I'm back to read!

  6. so, your blog is just 3 months young and you needed a break?? you work way too hard! LOL. But I do understand, my blog is a young 2 yrs old this August and I took a few breaks too. They didn't last very long, like your break, cuz I have a need to rant and rave mostly about the conservatives/rethuglicans. I am old enough to be your Mommy and I have a terrible time with grammar and spelling too, so already we have alot in common! I post current events, and I post often, so look forward to your visits. My blog is a no holds barred place, a place to let lose and I don't frown upon profanity, you really can't rant about the republiscums without using the F word, right!?

    BTW, How did you find me, I always like to ask!

  7. I found you through Ahab's blog, you were linked to the side and I thought I'd check your blog out and loved what I saw!

    Glad to see there is a blog out there similar to this one and you can bet I'll visit often! It's always great to visit a blog where I can type the word fuck as often as I want, that too is a plus!:)

  8. hmmmm I don't know Ahab. Isn't it weird to know your blog is linked places you never knew? I wish bloggers would speak up, I tend to stay in my little circle of friends but it's nice to meet new bloggers and keep things from getting stale and boring. I've been steady reading alot of your old posts and left a few comments. We really do think alot alike!

  9. The_Reverend_RTBJuly 2, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    Thanks for taking the time to read, we do love to rant!

  10. Actually you know what, it wasn't Ahab's blog. I honestly can't remember now how I found your blog.:/ I remember I was just surfing through random blogs and came across yours through a link.


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