Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama's toast, enjoy him while you can!

I dared to go up against corporate greed and power....
Ever since FDR no president has ever won re-election if the unemployment rate was 7.2 or higher. Does anybody here really see the unemployment rate being any lower than 8.2 a year and a half from now?? Big business and corporations are sitting on record profits yet are not spending that money on investments or hiring, coincidence?? They know they've got Obama right where they want him and they know the dumbed down American people will blame Obama for their unwillingness to help turn the economy around. 

If I were Obama I would accept my fate as a one term president and make the most of the next year and a half. Here's what I would do if I were him....

This post will most likely offend most readers, if your an easily offended person do not pass this point, any pissed off rants or raves will be ignored, you've been warned!
  1.  I hereby end the god damn mother fucking wars! I am commander in chief, I do not require an act of congress to end these wars! All units, every soldier will be sent home immediately! All funds for these wars will be stopped! The world will now realize that at least for the remainder of my presidency, they will not be baby sat by America!
  2. I hereby make recess appointments to the remainder of my nominees for office that are being held up by the ultra partisan, hypocritical, anti-American republican party! You are all lessor sons and daughters of greater predecessors and should be ashamed of the way you've abused your power and duty to the country you "serve"! It's one thing to be political opponents, it's entirely another to make reckless calculations to sabotage me so you can make me fail! You're bastards! All of you! 

3. The Bush tax cuts will end on my watch, not just the top two percent, ALL OF THEM! I'm sorry everyone but if you all are really serious about lowering the national debt and deficit then we all are going to have to stop relying on that evil government you all seem to despise. If you want more money in your pockets your gonna have to stand up to your employers for once and demand better pay. If you think the government was greedy, wait till you deal with corporate welfare. Good fucking luck on that front, let me know how that goes for ya while you're standing in the bread line with everyone else!
4. I will not cut anymore spending, not one dime! The national debt ceiling is about to reach it's limit and the republican party is shouting at me that if I don't cut spending then they wont raise the debt ceiling. I welcome that notion! If they don't then they'll have to explain to the American people why they were wrong and that they're sorry that the "Great Depression 2"has started because of they're recklessness. If they do then I'll thank them for actually using their heads for a god damn change! But I will not cut another fucking dime in spending, deal with it!

      5.  I will not sign another bill unless it has attached to it a repeal to the tax subsidies for oil companies! If a bill reaches my desk for the next year and a half without that, I will veto it!

      Will Obama do these thing? I doubt it, should he? Fuck yes!!! He clearly is not going to be re-elected at this point. The economy is getting worse not better, unemployment is going up not down, the government is cutting spending not increasing, and all we care about is tabloid bull shit! 

      If you're a liberal and pissed off at Obama, all I have to say is you better enjoy him while he's still in office while you can, just wait till the corporations are in control again!


        1. Bravo, sir. I worry about what will replace Obama...

        2. Barring some miracle that the economy turns around by the 2012 election, whoever is the republican nominee will easily coast to victory.

        3. I think it's too bad that most of the american people believe the shit the people that are running for president spew. The first debate on monday brought that out. What people don't seem to get is ANY PRESIDENT would have inherited the problems associated with the former administration. Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm actually kind of sick of all the political shit going on.

        4. I heard Huntsman is putting in for the Presidency. I'd take him as a suitable replacement for Obama. (At least he's not Palin or Bachman)

        5. The_Reverend_RTBJune 15, 2011 at 1:03 PM

          I think people don't realize that they elected a President, not a Messiah. They are quick to blame Obama for everything, but forget this was all brought on by their hero Bush. It's sad how selective the countries collective memory can be.

        6. I think I could handle Huntsman too, but it is looking like the republicans don't really want him. Hopefully he'll be all they have.

        7. Woo-hoo! God damn! Bravo and every other accolade I can give this post. This needs to go viral so I'm off to paste it on every virtual bathroom wall I can find.

          So well done. I'm extremely proud of you for this.

        8. I'm really glad you liked it Jayne! I love the virtual bathroom wall idea too! I feel our blog is too good to have the small hand full of followers that we do! Rock on!!!

        9. It takes time to build a following. Patience, Grasshopper. ;)

        10. Wow, brave post, and smart --- it is totally not gonna happen, because politics is about election not service, but man how cool if it did!

        11. Thanks Brahm and welcome! I follow your blog as well and I love it! Hope you stop by often and never hesitate to give us your point of view on anything, whether you agree or not with the post. Your more than welcome my friend!

        12. WTF?? You really think one of those moron thugs can beat Obama?? Obama may not be a bully, and no he doesn't rant and rave about the hypocrite thug party, but he is heads and tails above ANY despicable piece of crap for brains idiot the republiscums are parading out there! I get pissed at Obama too sometimes but I wouldn't vote for anyone else in 2012. (except if a true progressive comes forward and gives Obama a challenge)


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