Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Between Barack and a tard place!

You gotta feel for John Boehner at least a little bit. Here is a staunch conservative, a true blue(or red I should say) Republican. Who has worked his whole life to get to where he is now. Do I agree with his policies or politics? No! Do I respect him, honestly, I do! I believe he is a good man who is doing what he believes is right. And he is being held hostage by his fanatical base in the republican party.

In soooooo many ways he deserves this. If you campaign during an election season on outright lies, fear, hate, and deception. If you let your party succumb to the whims of talk radio and cable news, this is what you get! Here you have your political opponent reaching out to you in good faith, more than wanting to work together with you to govern this country in a bipartisan way. But the very people who swept you into office are demanding you to stop it or else!

The GOP is once again proving that they are amazing at political campaigns but are horrible at actual governance! The republican party is constantly shouting at the country how shitty and terrible the government is and then prove it once they get involved with it!

The debt ceiling "negotiations" Have taken a turn for the worse for Boehner! He had Obama pissing off his liberal base by saying he was willing to take on the Democratic sacred cows

And all Obama asked in return was for the Republicans to take on their sacred cow(s)

But instead of asking the super rich to chip in on the sacrifice so the Middle class and working poor don't have to shoulder all the burden of deficit reduction, the Republicant's instead have said they'd rather just give Obama absolute power in raising the debt ceiling. All they want in return is the ability to vote no and score political points from Obama's willingness to make tough decisions.

Either way Obama has reminded the country why he was elected in the first place. The guy picks his battles cautiously. But when he fights them, he is like a masterful chess artist! I know a lot of liberals wished he fought every battle guns a blazen' but that's just not his governing style. He isn't Michael Jackson. He doesn't swoop around making impressive crowd pleasing moves. He doesn't grab his crotch and shout"ouw!" He's more like
Hans Zimmer, making brilliant, well thought out music but you have to be patient in order to enjoy it and the more patient you are, the more you love it......

In contrast this is a very good example of the GOP governing style, a few nut jobs like it. But to most of us it's just a funny side show.......


  1. Obama has definitely taken advantage of the fact that no matter what he wants, the GOP won't stand for it. he used that to masterfully get them into this corner. Brilliant.

    Great post!

  2. Great post! Love the title!

  3. I love how you put political things in a context that I can understand. Thanks.

    PS. That video was amazing

  4. I agree with all of it! My thought is, and I think Lawrence O'Donnell's too, is Pres. Obama had no intention of touching SS and Medicare, it was all a tactic to get the GOP to show America where their priorities lie.

    So you're saying the political points scored by the GOP will come from the teabaggers, right? The minority of teabaggers are fighting to bring down this country because they know nothing about economics and the debt ceiling, that is clear, so why are those like Boehner listening to them?? What is the hold? There are not enough of them to sway a general election, (my opinion)

    And why is the media saying Obama could be jeopardizing his presidency with this debt ceiling fight?? He is on the winning side of the argument!! This takes us back to those teabaggers, there are not enough of them to bring down the president!

  5. Thanks cute!:) It was either that or "I hate the Republican party!" I thought the other name more more thoughtful.

  6. I love that music! It's from the soundtrack to Inception!

  7. The media doesn't give a shit about any of this! They only care about the drama of it all! They don't care what happens as long as they can cover it and make their millions!

    I truly wish the American public would stop listening to these fucking ass heads and think for themselves for a FUCKING CHANGE!!!


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