Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Reverend's Rants: Only White Males Need Apply

Welcome to another installment of The Reverend's Rants! Today I talk about how the Mormon church hates all non-white, non-male members!

Feel free to leave your comments below, I always enjoy intelligent discussion!


  1. And this is the reason why I do not go anymore. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband, and him and I make our decisions together, but I couldn't stand how the men thought you had to treat them 100 times better than a woman. No way.

  2. I work with LDS men and let me tell ya, when they're NOT all dressed up ready for "Sunday School" they are quite the assholes. Racist, homophobic, sexist, you name it!

    My boss just caught his wife having an affair on him. She's been with a guy from her ward. He's never spoken kindly of her at all and It's interesting to see how he's handling this.

    Instead of being crushed or heart broken about this whole thing he's more pissed off and mad at the guy. He even confronted him yesterday about it. To me if she hasn't felt love or passion from you over the years eventually she's gonna leave your ass!

    He seems more upset about losing what he would consider "his property" then losing his soul mate!!!

    Great post Rev! Loved it....

  3. I really could just rant about the Mormon church for hours, but I have many episodes ahead so I have to save it haha.

    I have always noticed when visiting family that the male cousins do pretty much nothing to help out. The female cousins cook, clean, etc. I just don't get it. Why stay in a religion that makes it clear you are not an equal?

  4. @Virgil, that is something else that I have noticed. They are supposed to be these sweet and caring people, but in reality they act like they are better than everyone else. Now, to be fair, Mormons from outside of Utah are generally nice people. I think it's because in Utah they are the majority, so they throw their weight around.

  5. Good rant, my friend. So much that I was unaware of. Makes me even more leery of Mitt Romney now. In its judgment of rape victims, it's not far off from radical Islamic teachings, is it? The whole cult of organized religion is filled with crap like this. As a "recovering" Catholic, I can still recall some of the bullshit I was taught as an impressionable child.

    I have no answer to the question you pose. That kind of mindless following is completely out even my realm of imagination.

    You guys are doing a great job with this blog. You make me hopeful for the future.

  6. I don't think a lot of Mormons actually read all the book of Mormon or bible. They pick out the "good" stuff and ignore all the racism and sexism. Nothing made me and atheist quicker than reading both..

    It is sad that women/blacks/gays stay in the church when the church clearly shows that they think they are better than them.

    By the way, love the podcasts.
    You guys are doing a great thing here. :)

  7. @Jayne It isn't 'officially' taught like that, but that is almost the universal reaction. Thanks so much for listening/reading, I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy it!

    @Brandon, It's true. Most of them just take their Bishop's word for it. When they do read their scriptures, they cherry pick like crazy. I didn't talk about how they hate homosexuals because I wanted to save that for another episode later on down the line, but they are treated even worse than the women.

    I have never read any 'holy' book cover to cover, but the bits I have read were more than enough to permanently turn me off of religion (I was never religious, I grew up in home where religion wasn't an issue and we were taught to think critically). Thanks for listening/reading!

  8. That is one of the reasons why I don't follow any organized religion. Why would I want to be a part of something where I am valued as property and are "less of a person" than other members of the group simply for my gender? I have just as much, and from many of the "good old mormon boys" I've come into contact with, I have much more to offer than they do.

  9. Thank you for sharing how you feel. I love how open and honest you are about your feelings. That is not always easy to do when you live in “Happy valley.”

    When I married my first husband, everything was great at first. We were sealed in the SLC temple a year later. Everything changed. He became an asshole. He acted like I was his property and started to abuse me.

    One night while he was working a night shift, I left the house and went to the church building where I knew the bishop was at that evening. I showed him my bruises and started crying about how I was scared to go home. I asked him if he could help me. He said” You must have not been a very good wife. You need to go back home and be better.” I left that night terrified and confused. I thought I was being the perfect wife?

    My ex found out that I had gone, and so I of course had to be "disciplined."

    I hate how everyone around here seems to think that being Mormon makes you a saint. I am so fucking sick of it! People need to wake up and stop living in a bubble.

  10. @Wit, sadly all Mormons see is 'female' not 'person', if that makes sense.

    @Mrs. Pickle, that sounds like a typical Bishop response. I know there are good Bishops out there, but let's be honest. Lay clergy have no training to handle those situations and respond like the teachings tell them, blame the women. I'm glad you were able to get away from that, no one deserves that treatment.

  11. Looks like Jayne's about to be glad! Haha:)

  12. As far as racism goes in the Book of Mormon, during my mission I did stumble across a decent counter-argument that was made by none other than a black convert. Looking back on it it's not a watertight argument by any means, but if you're interested in dissecting that I could send you the basics.

  13. I would be very interested in hearing that. I'll drop you a line on the FB.


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