Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The pros and cons of my favorite president's war withdraw.

I will always make no bones about it that Obama is my favorite President now and most likely ever! I support him, I'll enthusiastically vote for him in 2012, I hope that someday he'll visit Utah so I can have a chance of a quick handshake and if I'm lucky maybe a photo and an autograph! 

I also make no bones that my biggest disagreement with Obama is his foreign policy. Picture this, in the last 21/2 years our presence in Afghanistan has tripled, our strikes using unmanned drones have doubled in Pakistan(that has caused so many problems it truly is scary if you stop and think about it) and we're now in a conflict in Libya that Obama has not gotten any sort of war power resolution of any kind. Even Bush had a vote of support from congress before he invaded Iraq! 

Had Bush been president during the last two years and done the things Obama has done there would be riots on the streets. The anti-war movement would make the Tea party rallies look like a stroll down Mr. Rogers neighborhood. In a strange way this shows how beloved our president really is. The economy sucks, unemployment is high, our national debt is about to default, we're in these wars that cost so much time and resources let alone lives, and yet his approval rating hovers around 50 percent. If it were any other president they would be at around 20 percent or lower!

But my point of this post was to express my view points on his announcement for troop withdraws. A pro and con list if you will. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, some will find it hawkish, others will find it wishy washy....
  •  Pro, he very plainly stated that we need not send troops abroad from now on to resolve conflict. I whole heartily agree with that!
  • con, no specifics about what happens to the remaining 66 thousand troops after 2012. 
  • pro, A quicker draw down than the military wanted, and what the media in general expected. At least troop tours will go down from 12 months to 9 months.
  • con, he pretty much promised 31/2 more years of a war that has already been waged the past 10!
  • pro, stressed that we can no longer go it alone, that we must have international support like we did with Libya. 
  • con, I got the sense that his heart wasn't in this speech. That's extremely rare.I always watch major Obama speeches and I could just tell that he wasn't feelin it so to speak. It makes me wonder what we don't know. 
Pakistan is quickly becoming our greatest threat. They are nuclear armed, their military overwhelmingly despises us, they clearly support terrorist organizations, it's just scary if you think about it. I have a feeling that we aren't even in Afghanistan to defeat Al-Quida any more. I have a feeling we're their to keep an eye on Pakistan as long as we possibly can.

The reason I think we need to get out and now is because we're just delaying the inevitable. The second we leave Afghanistan will be screwed! If you don't think that you're crazy! The only reason Afghanistan is semi, semi stable right now is because of our presence there. This isn't Iraq, we're not leaving behind a stable culture with a stable government. The Afghani Government is corrupt and inept at best!

Obama inherited a horrific situation! I truly believe that he's doing the best he can and I'm sure there is alot that we don't know. I just think we should just pull the plug already. Tear off Afghanistan like a band aid and hope that we can protect our borders better than we could on the morning of Sept. 11 2001! The only thing I view that's worse now from then is Pakistan is unbelievably pissed at us. They have nuclear weapons, power, international clout, and money. Everything Al-Quida wished they had back then.


  1. Interesting how these latest troop reductions are happening right as the Repubs are getting their $hit together,one candidate at a time. If I was the suspicious type, I might think the Obama team is going to play politics with all these never ending wars.Hmmm?

    Nice post Justin

  2. Of course they're gonna play politics with this. I would! It's Virgil BTW.:)

  3. Which is to say that he is no better than all the rest of the politicians out there. If he really wanted to do the right thing, he would do what was best for the country. Not himself and his political party.

  4. What is the right thing Brandon?

  5. I think that President Obama would withdraw all of our troops if he could. Why would he keep them over there for no good reason? It's practically political suicide, considering the percentage of Americans, left and right, who are for withdrawing all troops from all wars. I am certain that we know the bare minimum of what's going on over there. I would hate to have the responsibility of decisions like that, it must be hell.

  6. The_Reverend_RTBJune 23, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    Power is hell. I'm surprised anyone wants it, but at least Obama has it at the moment. Usually sociopaths are the ones who go for it.

  7. I agree that he would withdraw all of them right now if he could. The burden of being commander in chief is you're pretty much gonna piss of everybody! If Obama only did what his own party wanted both wars would have ended the second he took the oath of office!

  8. Keep in mind that some of the money Pakistan has is the the billions that we give them in "aid." I agree. We need to get out now. No country in history has ever won any kind of ground war in Afghanistan. There is no central government. It's a nation of tribes. If you never saw "Charlie Wilson's War," rent it.

    I'm glad you so strongly support Obama, because he just constantly pisses me off. Maybe I'm just old and cranky. ;)

  9. I've never even heard of it, I'll look in to it. Obama rocks! That's just me though, you're one of many liberals that I know of who aren't very happy with him. I think he'll surprise you Jayne, you'll see! Bwahahahahaaaaa!:D

  10. Obama is lucky to have your support. I think he is supposed to pop by New Hampshire for his campaign next year. Should I try and get his autograph for you? Do you think he'll come out to Utah now that Huntsman has declared his candidacy?

    Your take on the war in Afganistan and the dangerous situation in Pakistan is incredibly astute. I keep wondering what type of intelligence Obama is getting that makes him stay put. Is it possible that the threat really is Pakistan, and our withdrawal could trigger something?

  11. Wow a compliment today! Thanks snee! My love for Obama is getting me in trouble as of late. I didn't mean across as a fan boy, I'm sorry if I did.

    Pakistan to me is the biggest threat in the world! Bigger than Iran, China, North Korea, you name it! Thanks for the kind words snee, I'm getting my ass handed to me today, god I love it!:D

  12. Meh, in my opinion... Us sending our military into these countries only creates more enemies then it stops. I would imagine it would piss a fair amount of Americans off if China invaded us and told us they were only trying to help us have the "right" kind of civilization. So, to me, the right thing would be to not spend billions of dollars on a worthless war and spend it on all the shit we actually need... like healthcare?.... but, that just might be the hippie coming out in me....and I guess it is just my opinion that all politicians do suck...just in my eyes.... :)

  13. Well said, I actually agree with what you said for the most part!


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