Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Reverend's Rants: Hiding Your Bigotry

This is a new segment I'm adding. Twice a week (I'm shooting for Tuesdays and Thursdays) I will be uploading an audio file of me ranting about whatever. Feel free to provide feedback, comment, etc. You know, the usual.

This Podcast is about hiding your bigotry behind 'but'. I'm not a racist, but... It's also a test to make sure I got this whole thing working. Please, to enjoy!


  1. I'm not a racist but this post rocked! Oh wait.....

  2. If you view our blog/newly podcasting podcast through Google Reader, or any other podcatcher, there should be a link to the audio file other than the embedded player I have there. I also Have RTB up on FeedBurner now, so it makes it easier to see the embedded files! Or you can stay here at the vanilla RTB since I will always be nice and add an embedded player, and since this is where the FeedBurner gathers our posts! So, yay! Useless updates!

  3. I will be the first to admit that lesbians scare me. Whenever I meet one I want to hold my vagina in fear that they might try and eat it.

    I think it is funny because one of our neighbor’s son’s is gay. He came out after his mission. His parents keep saying “Oh son, you are not gay! This is just something that you are going through!” So he brought over his boyfriend so that way they could meet him. They say “Oh son, this is not your boyfriend, there is no way! Because that would mean that you are letting the lord down and we would not want that now would we?” They treat their son like such shit by not acknowledging his feelings.

    Oh and btw, Virgil you have an award on my blog. Go and get it buddy!

  4. I hate when they say that kind of crap. It completely stops any conversation about the topic.

    On an unrelated note, here is the feedburner address for anyone who wants to subscribe to the RSS feed.

  5. I so want to know how to do a podcast. Loved it.

  6. Ha you wanna know something funny Rev? Yesterday I was working with the older guy(you know who I'm talking about), and he pretty much did that exact thing.

    He said something like,"You know I'm not a racist, at least I don't think I am, but Washington DC is 90 percent black people, it's just the way of life."

    He was talking about how dangerous and scary certain parts of DC are.

  7. I've been to DC, it seemed like a good mix of all kinds of people. I'm not a racist, but... hahahaha!

  8. defining terms:
    Most of the people i know who say ''I'm not bigoted but'' are attempting to say ''I'm not against'' or ''i don't hate''. They are not trying to say they do not make a distinction or have some stereotypes. Thats huge. Not perfect but its a huge leap away from hate.
    Lets have some compassion for those of us who are trying to be honest about feelings that make them uncomfortable. They are taking a big chance when doing so and need our help accepting truths that they are struggling with. The fact that they can feel comfortable enough to expose their true feelings to you is a compliment to you, and a sing of hope.
    That said: Yes it is true some not a bigot BUT sayers truly are bigoted. LOL


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