Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liberals! Wake....the.....fuck....up!!!

The Supreme Court. In all it's infinite wisdom. Is poised to take over the legislative branch of government. Our elected representatives, who currently posses no ability to legislate anyway(thank you very much assholes who voted for the tea party in 2010), are being overruled by five conservative activist judges who feel that it is now up to them to dictate to the congress and the American people what social policy should be.

It is unbelievable to me that the sitting president and elected officials in congress spend nearly two years on crafting legislation that will greatly benefit the American public. Crafting a law that at every single turn a radical minority fights its passage. Crafting a law that many in the liberal community decries as "not liberal enough", crafting a law that is ABSOLUTELY constitutional! And finally passes it, and pays a huge price in the ballot box , but non the less, the right thing was done and those who spent two years of blood sweat and tears were able to go home with their heads held high knowing that they accomplished something that in the long run would greatly benefit America and it's citizens.

Then two years later a group of five old men wearing black robes tell the American people that, "ya, we voted that corporations are people, we voted to allow George W. Bush to steal the 2000 election, but we won't allow you American citizens to get quality, affordable health care on the basis of a rigid constitutional argument that requiring citizens to get health care is unconstitutional, so ya, fuck you America!"

By every account I have heard, the five conservative justices were extremely assertive in their questioning this week of the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, and then yesterday the five justices were even going as a far as saying that the whole law should be struck down. Pretty much saying that they will go ahead and legislate from the bench.

If this law is struck down kiss any form of health care reform goodbye for years to come. Nobody will touch this again, mark my words. If Obama and a super majority of democrats couldn't pass it, no one will. This stupid talk I'm hearing from liberals of,"well, this will unify the base and we'll elect a super-duper majority this election and enact single payer health care reform" is UTTERLY, UTTERLY, UTTERLY, UTTERLY STUPID, RIDICULOUS, MORONIC, NAIVE, GULLIBLE, AND ASININE!

Welcome America! To an age where the legislative branch no longer functions, the executive branch no longer matters, and the judicial branch is ruler of the land. I hope we're all happy.


  1. Justices on the supreme court aren't there to ''vote'' according to their preference, rather they are charged with the chore of deciding weather laws are constitutionally sound or not. It matters not weather they like the idea of this law or hate it, thats is irrelevant my friend. The court is tasked with one question and one question only in each case before them ''is the government granted the authority to pass this law by our constitution''. Currently the question before the court is weather or not the individual mandate is constitutional, not weather its a good thing to have such a law or do they like the law.
    As free men and women many americans who can afford health insurance choose not to buy it. They have always considered that they had the ''RIGHT'' to make that choice. This mandate would not allow them to exercise what they have considered their right in the past. The lower courts have not settled the issue to the satisfaction of both sides so the question is now before a court of 9 not 5 but 9 law experts who have studied the constitution for more years than i have lived in many cases.
    It is not a perfect system, but its a damned good one. I challenge you to put forth a better one.
    Buy the way: the question in this case is not weather the law was passed threw a legal process. No one is questioning that it was passed by a legally elected congress. The question is weather or not said congress wrote a sound law that does not trample any individuals rights.
    Your disrespectful and hateful remarks do nothing to bring us together as a nation, and are not helpful in any way. There is a chance they will not decide in your favor, so you forget all about those poor folks whose rights may be trampled to give you what you want. Don't you care about those people? Should they lose their rights because you disagree? Why is every one who disagrees with you held in disregard and contempt? Is all your compassion reserved for only those who agree with you?
    I find it very disconcerting to hear liberals talking in such judgmental, hateful, angry terms with absolutely no regard for the concerns of a small minority group who do not want the same law you want. i.e. young healthy people who choose to spend their income on things like education instead of health insurance. We may not agree with their values and choices but I for one agree that they have the right to make that choice. Hateful speech such as yours is a sign of small-mindedness, use of F-Bombs and what not only belittle the user more than the one she/he directs them at.
    Grow up, if this law if found to be unconstitutional we can have a better one written. We have a wonderful system, best in human history. I love our system, even when i don't get my way.


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