Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can It Be? It Is!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed a lack of activity over on our other blogs, No Gods No Masters and The Adventures Of Justin (check out Justin's latest post!). That's because Red Town Blues is back! After some discussion we have decided to recombine our forces and give it another go. We have found that we are able to motivate each other to write on a much more frequent basis (certainly not a schedule, we are busy people and this is a hobby for us). There has also been so much political chaos lately that we just need to write about it! I am also personally excited for the goldmine of material that is forming as the presidential race starts to take off.

So there you have it! We are back, and hopefully for good. There will be changes, of course, but bear with us as we get this ball rolling again. It's nice to be rejoining our blogging friends and network!

With sincere love,

The Rev.


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