Monday, March 26, 2012

Five scenarios in which Willard Romney wins the general election.

I just can't wait until I'm the president.

 1. THE ECONOMY. If for some unforeseen reason the economy tanks and unemployment starts to rise, the stock market starts to fall, and credit starts to freeze up. Romney will easily coast to victory this fall.

2. GAS PRICES. If the cost of gas continues to rise and surpasses five dollars a gallon or more this will greatly anger Americans who are under the dumb impression that the sitting president can magically control the cost of fossil fuels. I love how Americans hate the notion of the president Meddling  in the free market and at the same time expect the president to control it. So what, we love free enterprise until it screws us? Then we wonder why the president can't do more to lower gas prices? Sorry America, we can't have it both ways(unless your name is Mitt Romney of course)

3. APATHY. I don't know if you've noticed but we are a miserably apathetic country. Think of most people you know. How many of them can name supreme court justices? How many can name the 39th President? Or better yet, how many know the actual policies in the Affordable Care Act, or, as this stupid country so dumbly calls, Obamacare. (Don't get me started on the importance of health care reform, I have a plethora of posts I'm planning to do on this truly important legislation for the country.) My fear is that this countries moronic citizens, most of them anyway, will be so preoccupied with Biggest Loser and footbawl that turnout will be low and we all know that when turn out is low it benefits the conservative nominee.

4. MAJOR FOREIGN POLICY DISASTER. If a major terrorist attack happens, or even a minor attempt of a terrorist attack, Obama is done.If Iran or North Korea (or any other country with dark skinned people with funny names, those are the countries this bigoted nation hates most)causes turmoil in the world Obama is done. It would make sense for terrorist organizations to do whatever they can to get Obama out of office. He has rallied our allies together and is making America look better than we really deserve. I guarantee America's enemies love the idea of Romney sitting in the oval office being controlled by neo-cons who thirst for more war and occupations of other countries. I'm sure they remember the dubya days as the golden era.

C'mon Obama! Why aren't you the way I imagined?
5.LIBERAL DISSENT. If liberals fail to pull their heads out of their asses, stop whining about the fucking public option, stop whining about gitmo, stop whining about gay marriage, stop whining about the keystone pipeline, stop whining about Afghanistan, plug your nose and vote for Obama! I know you hate him because he failed to be Jesus reincarnate. But do your country a favor and vote for "Bush light" so you can continue to be pissed at the imperfections of governing a huge complex country that has three separate branches of government. If you expected Obama to get in their and dictate to congress and the country our liberal wish list and magically accomplish them one by one in a matter of months you really should just stick to watching movies. Has Obama been perfect? No. Are there things I wish he'd do more of or a better job of? Yes. Will I throw a temper tantrum and not vote for him because he didn't do every last thing I wished he would have done? No!

Because I don't want Mitt Romney, the man with no core, the man who is promising to repeal healthcare reform, the man who wants to send war ships to the shores of Iran, the man who wants the middle class and impoverished to pay down the debt while giving his rich buddies a tax break, the man who believes that,"corporations are people", the man who wants to do away with planned parenthood, the man who will say anything and do anything to gain power, to become president. I do not want this man as our next president! I think I'll stick with Bush light.

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  1. Justin, while I agree with you on Romney and his hollow core, I don't agree with any of your scenarios of a Romney win over Obama. Remember, we still have debates between Obama and Romney, which will only prove Obama's competance and his deserving another term.

    I don't see the economy sinking, nor the Dow...

    Gas prices are not controlled by the POTUS and during the debates Obama will stress that fact and the majority will believe him. We've had high gas prices before...

    Yes we are apathetic, but look at the wingnuts and the super job the media is doing in showing them as the woman haters, the poor haters, government haters, HC reform haters, haters of SS and Medicare... The majority of Americans do NOT stand with the dangerous policies of the Rightwingers.

    I really disagree about Obama being toast if there is a terrorist attack. The country rallies around the sitting president in those cases. Once again, it will be the SANE Americans who respect and support a calm, cool, collected, and INTELLIGENT president during a crisis. NOT a warmonger wingnut. Been there, done that...

    I believe all liberals and even the Independents will support Pres. Obama for 2012. We might be impatient but in the end we will weigh the 2 candidates and Obama will win, HANDS DOWN! I'm predicting a landslide! :)

  2. You certainly make fair and valid points Sue and I appreciate your point of view. I suppose I have little faith in the American electorate's ability to think clearly and intently. We elected George W. Bush twice after all. I hope I'm wrong in my dread that the American people will show it's collective ignorance again. I truly hope you're right.

  3. Thanks Mom, I mean, DazeeDreamer.

  4. remember, Bush and the SCOTUS stole the second election, Bush lost.

    I have issues with the electorate too, but wait til the debates, Obama will blow them outta the water! :) Don't forget, the wingnut extremists are a minority, they can't win a general without Dems and Independents.

  5. I used to believe that right wing nuts were just a minority until the midterm election of 2010 when the general public bought their insane argument that Obama's a muslim socialist nazi.

  6. they only stole seats cuz the lame ass Dems stayed home...sometimes we are such morons, and always figure that out after its too late. I hope 2012 is just as overwhelming an election as '08 was...

  7. I think the oil companies are again trying to influence the election. About this time four years ago, prices started falling. At the time, I assumed they were trying to get the albatross of high gas prices off their Oilman President and his friends.

    This time, it's the other way around... raising the prices to hurt the guy that's marching in lockstep with "drill drill drill."

    If people avoid voting for Obama because he isn't liberal enough, they should have their voting rights taken away on account of rampant stupidity. The choice is stark. The Pres may not be perfect, but the other guy will be an atrocity to the principles we value.


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