Friday, April 6, 2012

What The Friday!

I have seen this bumper sticker in a couple of places and it completely pisses me off! I don't care if you like him, I don't care if you agree with him, I don't care if you think he is an ass, he is still our PRESIDENT and as such he deserves our RESPECT!


  1. Alright- I wasn't sure where to post this, but I thought you guys might find it funny. It's really crappy visual, but the sound is the important part anyway.

  2. Almost.
    The office deserves our respect, even if the man holding it does not.
    True. but:
    That is not to say the man deserves respect just because he holds the office at the moment, only that he should be 'treated with'' respect.
    It really is a shame that both sides forget this when their man is not the currant office holder.
    Seems both sides have been reduced to simple minded cheerleaders these days.
    This same kind of small minded bumper-sticker-think is all too prevalent on both sides. Have we lost the ability to ''respectfully disagree'', or just the desire to do so?


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