Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why are Democrats currently losing the Medicare debate!?

Why in the bloody hell are Democrats playing defense on Medicare? What the fuck is wrong with us? This is our baby, this is our pride and joy, this is our home turf, and we're the ones playing defense on Medicare? Holy shit the Obama campaign and the democratic party have played this medicare debate horribly so far! Talk about being caught flat footed! Obama cuts 716 billion on the providers side of medicare, not from beneficiaries, and yet Romney is winning the debate thus far and making it seem like Obama is cutting benefits when he's not. This is all because Obama is not fighting back, instead he's giving dumb ass interviews to Access Hollywood and People Magazine,  This sums up my feelings on this shitty week........
Seriously though, if the Obama campaign and the DNC can't win a debate on freaking MEDICARE, what the hell is the point man? If the conversation on medicare is centered around Obama cutting medicare and Romney saving medicare, which is the current narrative, we lose and lose big time. This is the Affordable Care Act debate all over again. The republicans throw around complete lies and falsehoods and the democratic response is, "well that's just not being very nice."

Always leave it to democrats to lose debates that they should easily win. We assume that the general public is paying close attention and researching policy and that's just not true. PEOPLE ARE STUPID! Why can't democrats get that and when will we learn?

This is my biggest frustration with the Obama first term. He's put in great policies but none of them have really gone into effect yet and none of them have really been explained yet. We're still in Afghanistan for reasons unknown but finally start leaving late next month after nearly four years in office, health care reform doesn't really go into effect until 2014, the Bush Tax cuts don't end until early next year, we won't really get any of the financial reforms put in place until next year and that's only if Obama is re-elected.

In 2008 Obama's slogan was "Change We Can Believe In." Not ," Change We Can Eventually Believe In After 5 Years in Office If I Get Re-Elected." 

I need a fucking drink!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan.

In choosing Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate Mitt Romney has done many things. He has unified his conservative base, unified the liberal base, and will completely alienate the vast majority of voters who don't listen to talk radio and watch Fox News every day.

Let me be clear, Paul Ryan is a good and decent person, he is personable, likeable, has a great personal story, a great family, and is definitely a man of conviction, much more than Romney. He will not be the next Sarah Palin, he will not provide SNL a goldmine of spoofs, he is not in any sense a weak candidate, he won't be a national joke like Palin was four years ago. 

This pick has done the following;
  • Romney has conceded that this election is in fact a choice between two candidates and two very different visions for America. Up until now he tried to make this election a referendum on Obama and the economy, no more.
  • Romney has conceded the African American, Latino, and woman vote.
  • Romney has conceded the foreign policy debate to Obama.
  • Romney is admitting that he needs to appease the right wing of his base at all times, why oh why would a candidate for President of the United States select a running mate that would undo the social fabric that has made America great since the time of FDR is beyond comprehension.
  • This pick will fire up the liberal base more than anything Obama could have said in a speech.
  • He risk's losing many votes from the senior citizen population, I will watch with amusement how Romney and Ryan will campaign on turning medicare into a voucher program in Florida.
  • The democrats chances of retaking the House of Representatives is greatly improved. Maybe even adding seats to the senate.
That's just naming a few, my point is, the Republican party simply cannot realize that people like Paul Ryan may be extremely popular in their own circles, but to the broader population far right wing ideas just don't appeal to people. I simply can't believe that voters will buy the notion that the rich need more tax cuts and the middle class and working poor will be the ones who pay for it. 

  • Who here wants their parents to have to pay more for medical care when they're in their later days so that the CEO of the company they work for can enjoy a bigger tax cut? The Ryan plan calls for that.
  • Who here wants Student loan programs for their kids to become less available and cover less so the bank they bank with can enjoy less government regulation? The Ryan plan calls for that.
  • Who here wants no social safety net from medicaid and food stamps in case they fall on hard times so the Corporation that layed them off in the first place can enjoy bigger tax credits and less regulation from the government? The Ryan plan calls for that.
These are just a few of the questions that Americans at last will have to answer. No more silly campaign fodder, no more Palin like candidates that make our political process into a joke. This election will be about the serious issues that our country really faces. And I couldn't be any more pleased. Let the debates begin!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Have fun for god sakes!

My posts as of late have been angry. The whole supreme court debate over the health care law really had me to a boiling point. I'm still livid at the thought of the "tea party court" striking down a law for purely political reasons. But that's not the point of this brief post. I wish you all a FUN weekend. Let loose, smile, laugh, and do something stupid. Life is too short to take seriously all the time, advice I myself need to remember.

What The Friday!

I have seen this bumper sticker in a couple of places and it completely pisses me off! I don't care if you like him, I don't care if you agree with him, I don't care if you think he is an ass, he is still our PRESIDENT and as such he deserves our RESPECT!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

How the mainstreem media is failing the country.

Did you catch your latest stock portfolio?

 Watching the mainstream media's coverage of the supreme court case of the Affordable Care Act has been depressing to say the least. Here you have a law that will better the lives of thousands of people. Countless lives would be saved as a result of this bill. And this is all just a stupid game to these people. Who's winning? Who's losing? Will this help or hurt Obama? It's maddening! These people are all a bunch of elite snobs who sit around their bright shiny little tables, wearing their makeup so they can look pretty for the dead lens pointing at them, who already have health coverage themselves with plenty of money to cover whatever expenses come their way, who don't have a care, concern, worry, or sense of what pain the majority of the country is going through. To them this is all a fucking football game. My teams gonna win, no, my teams gonna win. Your team sucks, no, your team sucks. This sums up our ridiculous media coverage of such an important policy for average hard working Americans.

And every fucking media outlet I've seen today starts with the same notion, "does the federal government have the right to force you to buy health insurance?" The question is designed to piss off the viewers. Obviously the viewer is going to say, "NO!" Out of every way this law could be framed and the MSM chooses the most right winged propaganda term imaginable. They may as well ask," does the evil government have the right to force you to watch reruns of the Lawrence Welk show everyday for the rest of your pathetic miserable little lives?"

Who wins? Who loses? While the mainstream media collectively masturbates to thought of themselves the rest of the country is watching in disbelief as the Supreme court is poised to strike down a law that the sitting president and elected officials fought and sacrificed political capital on for nearly two years. What a precedent indeed that would be if the highest court in the land, for talking heads purely political reasons, strikes down a law that would benefit the entire country. To answer the moronic, repulsive, idiotic question that these self obsessed keep asking I'll tell them who loses if this law is struck down. America loses. Who wins, far right wing radical ideologues who, while you read this post, are preparing for the second coming of a ghost man to come down from the sky and take them all away to a magical, unicorn infested utopia.

Will affordable healthcare for all help Obama or the Republicans?
 Our press is supposed to be a neutral, impartial, fair, and yes Fox News, balanced organization. They are supposed to inform the public about the issues in a factual manner and let the viewer decide what he/she thinks. Looking at the coverage of the affordable care act I can definitely tell that the mainstream press has an agenda. The agenda is to anger the viewer into having zero to little faith in our government and institutions. And they are succeeding with flying colors. If I were an ill informed, casual viewer I would be so turned off by this whole thing that I'd pretty much expect and accept the notion that the government sucks and I shouldn't try to get involved in public policy debates because I'd just be waisting my time. The media clearly is working very hard to convey this image. Why?

Why else but money? They got theirs. And they don't want an educated and informed public to start demanding real reforms within our government and political process to benefit the rest of us. In other words, they want to keep their millions upon millions of dollars while the rest of us shmucks continue to fight each other for what little money is left for the rest of us. Why would they want what is a pretty mild reform such as the Affordable Care Act to succeed. To them it is a threat to their own prosperity.

You people are so easy to control!
It's not just FOX either, it's everyone! ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and even NPR to an extent. They all treat the American public like we're a bunch of mindless buffoons ready and willing to be led like a pack of sheep through the deepest darkest part of the forest only to be left and abandoned. I am so sick and tired of being treated like I'm just an idiot who doesn't deserve to be treated with any respect. I know I sound like a tea bagger when I say FUCK THE MEDIA, but it's true. We need not heed the words of a select group of elites who live in New York or Washington D.C. who are part of the 1% and already have great health coverage and great paying jobs. I think we should instead talk to each other about what we think we can collectively do to solve this problem. We should stop listening to news outlets who don't care at all about the greater good.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liberals! Wake....the.....fuck....up!!!

The Supreme Court. In all it's infinite wisdom. Is poised to take over the legislative branch of government. Our elected representatives, who currently posses no ability to legislate anyway(thank you very much assholes who voted for the tea party in 2010), are being overruled by five conservative activist judges who feel that it is now up to them to dictate to the congress and the American people what social policy should be.

It is unbelievable to me that the sitting president and elected officials in congress spend nearly two years on crafting legislation that will greatly benefit the American public. Crafting a law that at every single turn a radical minority fights its passage. Crafting a law that many in the liberal community decries as "not liberal enough", crafting a law that is ABSOLUTELY constitutional! And finally passes it, and pays a huge price in the ballot box , but non the less, the right thing was done and those who spent two years of blood sweat and tears were able to go home with their heads held high knowing that they accomplished something that in the long run would greatly benefit America and it's citizens.

Then two years later a group of five old men wearing black robes tell the American people that, "ya, we voted that corporations are people, we voted to allow George W. Bush to steal the 2000 election, but we won't allow you American citizens to get quality, affordable health care on the basis of a rigid constitutional argument that requiring citizens to get health care is unconstitutional, so ya, fuck you America!"

By every account I have heard, the five conservative justices were extremely assertive in their questioning this week of the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, and then yesterday the five justices were even going as a far as saying that the whole law should be struck down. Pretty much saying that they will go ahead and legislate from the bench.

If this law is struck down kiss any form of health care reform goodbye for years to come. Nobody will touch this again, mark my words. If Obama and a super majority of democrats couldn't pass it, no one will. This stupid talk I'm hearing from liberals of,"well, this will unify the base and we'll elect a super-duper majority this election and enact single payer health care reform" is UTTERLY, UTTERLY, UTTERLY, UTTERLY STUPID, RIDICULOUS, MORONIC, NAIVE, GULLIBLE, AND ASININE!

Welcome America! To an age where the legislative branch no longer functions, the executive branch no longer matters, and the judicial branch is ruler of the land. I hope we're all happy.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Five scenarios in which Willard Romney wins the general election.

I just can't wait until I'm the president.

 1. THE ECONOMY. If for some unforeseen reason the economy tanks and unemployment starts to rise, the stock market starts to fall, and credit starts to freeze up. Romney will easily coast to victory this fall.

2. GAS PRICES. If the cost of gas continues to rise and surpasses five dollars a gallon or more this will greatly anger Americans who are under the dumb impression that the sitting president can magically control the cost of fossil fuels. I love how Americans hate the notion of the president Meddling  in the free market and at the same time expect the president to control it. So what, we love free enterprise until it screws us? Then we wonder why the president can't do more to lower gas prices? Sorry America, we can't have it both ways(unless your name is Mitt Romney of course)

3. APATHY. I don't know if you've noticed but we are a miserably apathetic country. Think of most people you know. How many of them can name supreme court justices? How many can name the 39th President? Or better yet, how many know the actual policies in the Affordable Care Act, or, as this stupid country so dumbly calls, Obamacare. (Don't get me started on the importance of health care reform, I have a plethora of posts I'm planning to do on this truly important legislation for the country.) My fear is that this countries moronic citizens, most of them anyway, will be so preoccupied with Biggest Loser and footbawl that turnout will be low and we all know that when turn out is low it benefits the conservative nominee.

4. MAJOR FOREIGN POLICY DISASTER. If a major terrorist attack happens, or even a minor attempt of a terrorist attack, Obama is done.If Iran or North Korea (or any other country with dark skinned people with funny names, those are the countries this bigoted nation hates most)causes turmoil in the world Obama is done. It would make sense for terrorist organizations to do whatever they can to get Obama out of office. He has rallied our allies together and is making America look better than we really deserve. I guarantee America's enemies love the idea of Romney sitting in the oval office being controlled by neo-cons who thirst for more war and occupations of other countries. I'm sure they remember the dubya days as the golden era.

C'mon Obama! Why aren't you the way I imagined?
5.LIBERAL DISSENT. If liberals fail to pull their heads out of their asses, stop whining about the fucking public option, stop whining about gitmo, stop whining about gay marriage, stop whining about the keystone pipeline, stop whining about Afghanistan, plug your nose and vote for Obama! I know you hate him because he failed to be Jesus reincarnate. But do your country a favor and vote for "Bush light" so you can continue to be pissed at the imperfections of governing a huge complex country that has three separate branches of government. If you expected Obama to get in their and dictate to congress and the country our liberal wish list and magically accomplish them one by one in a matter of months you really should just stick to watching movies. Has Obama been perfect? No. Are there things I wish he'd do more of or a better job of? Yes. Will I throw a temper tantrum and not vote for him because he didn't do every last thing I wished he would have done? No!

Because I don't want Mitt Romney, the man with no core, the man who is promising to repeal healthcare reform, the man who wants to send war ships to the shores of Iran, the man who wants the middle class and impoverished to pay down the debt while giving his rich buddies a tax break, the man who believes that,"corporations are people", the man who wants to do away with planned parenthood, the man who will say anything and do anything to gain power, to become president. I do not want this man as our next president! I think I'll stick with Bush light.

Oh and PS.......
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